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Fulgore, Arcade Mode, lobbies, and more added to Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct’s first season wraps up today with the release of its eighth and final character, Fulgore. The killer cyborg, sporting an updated look but still slinging about a pair of massive blades, is available for $4.99. A general game update has also gone live, adding a new Arcade Mode, a Spectator Mode, and eight-player online lobbies. The end of season one also marks the transition of development duties from creators Double Helix to the new series stewards Iron Galaxy.


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Thunder debuted in new Killer Instinct c-c-c-ombo video

Killer Instinct’s most recent roster addition, Thunder, is the star in the latest combo video. The footage features his Awesome, Extreme, and Master Combos against the returning (and beefed-up) ninja Jago. Thunder is described as “a hard-hitting grappling character with powerful strikes, aggressive special moves and a devastating command grab.”


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E3 2013: Xbox 360, One games, social media integration, and more

Xbox (System) E3 2013 Announcements - Xbox One

Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference focused on not only what’s in store for the upcoming Xbox One, but also what they have planned for the 360. The Xbox One was the star of the show, with titles from 343 Industries, Capcom, Crytek, Remedy, Respawn Entertainment, Turn 10 Studios, and Insomniac Games. Several of the system’s features were on display, including Game DVR, which allows gamers to record and upload in-game footage for others to download, SmartGlass interactivity for extra on their games as well as their friends’ activities, and social media integration.


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