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Infamous: Second Son now available instores, online for PS4

Infamous returns today with the release of the PS4-exclusive entry Second Son. Sucker Punch’s latest action title follows Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old who has recently discovered that he can harness powerful abilities. Players must battle an increasingly despotic government around the city of Seattle, which features actual businesses and popular landmarks. The engine will also render rain, dynamic lighting, and progress through a day-and-night cycle. As in the previous titles, players will be able to choose between being good and evil, with each path offering unique missions, story sequences, and upgrades.


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E3 2013: Sony details PS4 price and policies, plus PS3 and PS Vita

I think it’s safe to say that Sony surprised quite a few people, including us, during their E3 2013 conference. The event covered a wide variety of topics, including cloud gaming, PS4, PS Plus, and PS Vita, and how each works within the Sony ecosystem. For starters, the PS4 will have no restrictions regarding used games, no online authentication requirement, and will launch this holiday season for $399.99. PS Plus will function as it does now, with game giveaways and special discounts, but it will also be required to play games online; however, it will not be required for streaming media from such services as Hulu and Netflix.


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Infamous 2 to get single-player DLC, Festival of Blood

Infamous 2 (PS3) Festival of Blood DLC Announcement - Header

Infamous 2 will be getting a new single-player DLC pack later this year, Festival of Blood. Scheduled to launch on PSN in time for Halloween, the downloadable adventure will introduce vampires to New Marais. After being bitten, Cole has a single night to track down and kill the vampires’ leader.


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PlayStation 3 gets price drop and Infamous 2 bundle, Vita to embrace social networking

PS3 (PS3) Price Drop and Infamous Bundle Announcement - Header

Sony has announced a price drop for the PS3 as well as a new PS3 bundle. Effectively immediately, all systems will be reduced by $50, bringing the 160 GB model down to $249 and the 320 GB Model down to $299. Sony also announced a new, limited-run 320 GB Infamous 2 Bundle that includes the system, a copy of the game, and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial for the same price as a standalone system, $299.


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