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QuakeCon 2012 pre-registation starts today

QuakeCon 2012 (Convention) Preregistration Announcement - Header

QuakeCon 2012 attendees looking to pre-register will be able to log in tonight at 7:00 p.m. (CST). As always, QuakeCon is free, but for those who want some extras, there are a limited number of premium packages that offer additional items to take away from the event. Details can be found below, but they range between $30 to $50 and are limited, the lowest to 350 and highest to 1,500, with items ranging from a Dishonored tallboy T-shirt to “fast-pass” access to panels and other events.


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Rage: Campaign Edition now available for Mac

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Meet and Greet Announcement - Screenshot 2

id’s post-apocalyptic shooter Rage is now available for the Mac. The download-only release is available through Apple’s App Store, (Aspyr’s digital store), and other digital outlets. The Mac release is actually the Anarchy Edition, which comprised the initial launch copies of the console and PC version, rechristened as Rage: Campaign Edition. The Campaign Edition includes all of Anarchy Edition’s extras, such as the double barrel shotgun, Rat Rod buggy, Wasteland Sewer missions, and Crimson Elite Armor.


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QuakeCon 2012 to frag it down in Dallas this August

QuakeCon - Logo

Bethesda and id have announced that their annual celebration of fragging and adventuring will kick off on August 2 when QuakeCon 2012 begins its four-day party. North America’s largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN event will take place at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, which will be having a special room rate of $154 per night for attendees (1-800- Hiltons or 1-800-445-8667). QuakeCon itself is free to attend, as always.


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Doom returns to Live Arcade – pew! pew! BOOOOOOOM!

Doom (360) Live Re-release Announcement - Header

After passing a year-plus all by its lonesome, Doom II will be rejoined by its predecessor later today when Doom re-launches on Live Marketplace. id’s seminal first-person shooter was pulled some time ago, but it will be back in all its keycard and BFG 9000 glory by the end of the day for 400 MS Points.


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Rage demo now on PS Network

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Meet and Greet Announcement - Screenshot 2

PlayStation 3 gamers interested in picking up Rage this holiday season now have a chance to give it a try. A new demo has launched on the PS Network that tasks wastelanders with stopping the Ghost Clan from poisoning the water supply of one of the few settlements still standing, the town of Wellspring. The demo offers a chance to interact with the townsfolk, try some of the mini-games, race in the Speedway, and of course, kill lots and lots of bandits.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Rage


“…an enjoyable adventure that features decent gunplay, surprisingly good driving mechanics, and an entertaining if underutilized world.”


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Rage midnight launch to host Carmack, Willits, and others from id

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Meet and Greet Announcement - Screenshot 1

Itching to try out Rage? The folks at id are eager for you to try it too, and to celebrate the game’s launch, several id employees will be on hand at the midnight launch to meet fans and sign copies of the game. The GameStop located at 503 N. Galloway Avenue in Mesquite, Texas, will host John Carmack (CTO), Tim Willits (Creative Director), Matt Hooper (Design Director) and others from the team, starting at 11:00 p.m. tonight, for a meet and greet.


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Rage novel hits store shelves

Rage (Print) Novel Launch - Header

A new book based on id’s upcoming shooter Rage is now available to prime you for the post-apocalyptic world that awaits this fall. The Matthew Costello-penned novel follows Lieutenant Nick Raine as he steps out of an underground Ark and onto an Earth devastated by an asteroid impact. Hundreds of years have passed, and Raine finds a world populated by mutants, bandits, haggard survivors, and a brutal faction known as the Authority. With his goal to restore civilization (simple!), Raine will have to face down the dangers of the wilds.


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Rage comic series wraps up, final issue now available

Rage (360, PC, PS3) Third Comic Release Announcement - Header

The last of Dark Horse’s three-part Rage comic series is now on store shelves. The trilogy serves as a prequel to id’s upcoming shooter, taking readers through the events that lead to the world turning into a massive ball of unpleasantness and the rise of the Authority.


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(Game Boy Advance Review) Doom


Retro review time! As we move our older articles over into our new system, we’ll be highlighting some of our older material. This update: Nick’s review of Doom for the Game Boy Advance. Welcome back to 2002!


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