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How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition announced for PS4, Xbox One

505 Games has announced that they will be releasing a complete, all-in-one version of Eko Software’s zombie-bashing action title How to Survive for PS4 and Xbox One. Due out this fall, the Storm Warning Edition will include the original game as well as all six DLC packs, detailed below, which add new abilities, characters, and islands, plus a new mode and randomized scenario.


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(Xbox 360 Review) How to Survive

“… might not have the most exciting cast, but it can certainly deliver some satisfying zombie-slaying combat.”


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Time to face the zombie hordes, How to Survive launches for 360, PC

Grab the car keys, the closest sharp object, and a bag of canned goods: zombies are coming. 505 Games has announced that Eko Software’s third-person action-adventure title How to Survive has been released on Live Marketplace for 360 and on Steam for PC. A recent outbreak of a mysterious virus has caused most of the world’s population to turn into zombies, and players must do everything they can to survive the undead while stranded on a small archipelago: seek out food and water, secure shelter, and scavenge items to make tools and weapons.


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