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Outland switches its way onto PS Network

Outland PS3 Launch Announcement screenshot 1

Ubisoft’s Outland, the Housemarque-developed platformer inspired by Flashback and Ikaruga, is now available on the PS Network. In a quest to maintain order, players must stop the gods of balance and chaos from escaping. By utilizing a light-and-dark system, players surpass obstacles and take down enemies by choosing the opposite color of the given trial. Friends can also join in on story mode, arcade mode, and in challenge rooms.


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Outland now available on Live Arcade

360 Outland Release Announcement screenshot

Ubisoft and Housemarque’s latest action-adventure platformer Outland is now available for the 360 on Live Arcade. Said to be inspired by the likes of Ikaruga and Flashback—two of the finest titles to be inspired by—players must “master the polarities of light and darkness to pass dynamic challenges and defeat enemies” in order to prevent the chaos and balance gods from escaping. The adventure can be played solo or with a friend, as well as the arcade mode and challenge rooms.


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