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D-Link opens up pre-orders for Gaming Router DGL-5500

D-Link is prepping their latest gaming router, the DGL-5500, for launch and has announced that pre-orders are now live. Newegg and the D-Link Shop are currently taking orders for the $199.99 unit, which is set to ship on August 1. The DGL-5500, detailed below, follows previous entries in the line by allowing users to allocate bandwidth towards preferred applications, from specific games to streaming apps such as Netflix. The company also touts its StreamBoost interface as an easy way for users to view all connected devices on a home network as well as monitor the bandwidth usage of each device.


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Logitech announces Joystick, Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad

Logitech (iPad) Joystick iPad Announcement - Shot

iPad gamers looking for a more traditional control scheme might be in luck. Logitech has announced two new accessories for the popular tablet, the Joystick for iPad and Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2. The Joystick is a thumb-stick controller that attaches via suction cups that uses a coiled spring for force feedback and for re-centering. The Fold-Up Keyboard might not get the thumbs twitching, but a Bluetooth-enabled, USB-powered full-size keyboard might be a bit more useful for everyday activities—such as reading and navigating your favorite website (ahem).


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