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(PlayStation 4 Review) Killzone: Shadow Fall

“Enjoy the campaign’s visuals, but know the heart of Shadow Fall is its multiplayer.”


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Get up to speed on Killzone: Shadow Fall with new story trailer

A new story trailer has been released for Killzone: Shadow Fall. The PS4 launch title, developed by series creator Guerilla Games, is set 30 years after Killzone 3. The two-and-a-half-minute trailer details the current state of affairs between the Helghast, Vektans, and ISA. After the ruin of Helghan, the remaining Helghast have been resettled on Vekta, separated from the Vektans by ISA security. The world is on the verge of war as each side gears up to battle over supremacy of the planet.


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(PlayStation 3 Review) Killzone 3

…provides a strong if uneven single-player experience and a fantastic multiplayer component that’s sure to offer a few solid months of addictive action.


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Killzone 3 now available, Helghast still looking to kill you

The Helghast are a determined lot. After two sound beatings—by me, at least—they are back at the ISA’s throats with the newly launched Killzone 3. But things are a bit different this time as the Helghast are now leaderless, thanks to us and the ISA in Killzone 2, and warring between themselves. Stuck in the middle of a civil war, with no hope of reinforcements or supplies, players must fight their way out with their ISA brethren. All is not lost, though, as there will be a new WASP missile launcher, jet packs, Intruders, and new melee system to fight back the Helghast hordes.


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