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God Eater Resurrection now available on PSN for PS4, PS Vita

God Eater Resurrection has launched on PSN for PS4 and PS Vita. As a God Eater, players wield God Arc weapons to take down giant monsters as the latest recruit to Fenrir Organization’s Far East Branch. He’s a New Type God Eater with the ability to handle weapons that can transform between blade and gun forms. From the organization’s home base, players set out to clear the land of the evil Aragami who are immune to normal weapons but weak to the Oracle Cells within God Arc weapons. The cells allow players to devour the essence of each monster. Players can tackle the game solo or with up to three friends online.


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God Eater Burst release date announced

D3Publisher has announced that it will be publishing the Namco Bandai-developed God Eater Burst, an enhanced edition of the original, for the PSP in 2011. Burst will have “new modifications, enhanced gameplay, and additional content and features. – The earth …


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