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Calling all budding mercantilists: new Rise of Venice screens released

Rise of Venice (PC) July Screenshot Announcement - Screenshot 1

A dozen new screenshots have been released from Kalypso’s upcoming trading sim Rise of Venice. The shots launched alongside the game’s official site, Gamers interested in seeing what’s in store as an ambitious merchant out to create a trading empire in Renaissance Venice, complete with a massive fleet and political influence, can find out more on the site, including info on the mechanics, art, and updates on development progress.


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Kalypso revisits the era of the Italian city-state with Rise of Venice

Rise of Venice (PC) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Kalypso, publisher of Tropico and Omerta, have revealed a new strategy-trading sim, Rise of Venice. Set during the Renaissance, Rise of Venice puts players in the shoes of a young merchant looking to turn his ragtag squad of trading ships into a mighty fleet that sails the world, with ports of call in Alexandria, Constantinople, Athens, Rome, and Tripoli. A story-driven campaign will see him and his family compete against the titans of the age, battling rivals at sea and in the parlors of influential politicians. Up to four players will be able to play together over LAN or Internet.


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Omerta – City of Gangsters now in stores for 360, PC

Omerta City of Gangsters (360, PC) Gold Announcement - Screenshot 5

It’s time to run some liquor and shoot up some joints, Omerta – City of Gangsters is now available in stores for 360 and PC. Opportunity awaits in Prohibition-era Atlantic City, and as a newly arrived immigrant wanting the finer things in life, players will stake their claim to everything their new home has to offer. Starting off as a small-time hoodlum, players must work their way up the criminal underworld by taking on assignments to earn cash, gain influence, and push out rivals.


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Omerta – City of Gangsters goes gold for 360, PC

Omerta City of Gangsters (360, PC) Gold Announcement - Screenshot 1

If Boardwalk Empire has you itching to be a gangster in Prohibition-era Atlantic City, then Kalypso might have just the thing for you. The publisher has announced that Haemimont Games’ latest strategy title, Omerta – City of Gangsters, has gone gold and will launch for 360 and PC on February 12. Players will start off as a smalltime crook, but through recruiting a gang of their own, raiding their rivals’ territories, robbing banks, and battling it out in turn-based combat, they will climb the ranks and become a mob boss with their own syndicate.


PC News, Xbox 360 News’s massive holiday sale ending soon

GOG (PC) Holiday Promo Ending Announcement - Header

Final call:’s incredible holiday sale—up to 75% off 125-plus games—ends today. If you haven’t emptied your wishlist yet, you have about 20 hours left to do so. Over the holiday period, GOG also announced that they added expansion packs for several games, including Alpha Centauri, Wing Commander 1 & 2 bundle, Wing Commander: Privateer, and Might and Magic 6-Pack. This is especially great news for Alpha Centauri fans as Alien Crossfire has long crossed the $70 mark on auction sites.


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Middle Manager of Justice now on App Store for iOS

Middle Manager of Justice (iOS) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Justice Corp has just opened a new branch, and they need someone to grease the gears of the corporate machine that lay between the important people and the rank-and-file staffers. In Double Fine’s new free iOS game Middle Manager of Justice, it turns out that that person is you. The superhero management game approaches superhero sim status with players given the duties of training and managing a team of heroes, building and maintaining their facilities, and upgrading their equipment.


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Tropico 4 looks to expand on the cheap with Megalopolis DLC

Tropico 4 (360, PC) Megalopolis DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

El Presidente is nothing if not thrifty. In the latest downloadable pack to launch for Tropico 4, Megalopolis, virtual benevolent dictators are tasked with building the largest city possible with the cheapest materials at hand. Available for PC, and soon for 360, the $4.99 drop, detailed below, includes a new campaign, new avatar clothing, a new mission, and a new trait. The goal: build the most glorious second-rate city the world has ever known.


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Tropico 4: Modern Times expansion pack now available for PC

Tropico 4 (360, PC) Modern Times DLC Screenshots - Screenshot 2

El Presidente’s island fiefdom is moving into a new era with the release of Tropico 4: Modern Times for PC. The $29.99 expansion includes a new 12-scenario campaign, 10 new edicts, 30 new buildings, and upgrades for older buildings.


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El Presidente to pave way to glory in new Tropico 4 DLC

Tropico 4 (360, PC) Quick Dry Cement DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

El Presidente has looked out on his island fiefdom and decided that it’s missing the kind of relaxing scenery only available through the heavy use of concrete. Nothing says tropical paradise like soul-crushing gray. And today he’ll get the chance to make his vision come to life with the Quick Dry Cement DLC pack for Tropico 4. The 400 MS Point/$4.99 release, available for 360 and PC, adds a new Cement Factory building, which speeds up construction across the island; the Constructor character trait; a mission theme involving building an island-wide city; and numerous decorations, including a small park, flower bed, and constructor statue.


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Ministry of Propaganda releases Tropico 4: Modern Times screens

Tropico 4 (360, PC) Modern Times DLC Screenshots - Screenshot 1

Kalypso has released some new shots from the upcoming Tropico 4 expansion, Modern Times. Set to launch in March for the 360 and PC for 1200 MS Points/$19.99, Modern Times leapfrogs the island nation to the modern today, where 30 new buildings, 10 new edicts, 12 new scenario missions, new upgrades, and this newfangled thing called the Internet await El Presidente’s attention. Aside from space stations, skyscrapers, biofarms, and festivals of love, the present also brings with it a new threat to the regime.


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