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Street Fighter V update adds first DLC character, Alex

Street Fighter V (PC, PS4) Alex Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Street Fighter V’s first post-launch roster addition, Alex, is now downloadable. Returning from Street Fighter III, Alex is a hulking grappler that will set players back 100,000 in Fight Money. In addition, new story costumes have been added to the recently launched In-Game Shop that run 40,000 FM each. The in-game currency is earned as players go through the game. The real-world cash equivalent, Zenny, has yet to be implemented, so Alex will be available for a free trial period that will end once Zenny is implemented; at that point, players will need to purchase him (and any other DLC characters released by then) with Zenny or FM. An update earlier this week added several modes and features, including Demonstrations, Trials, Online Rematch for a 2/3 set, eight-person lobbies, and match spectating.


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Quantum Break worldwide launch events detailed

Xbox One (System) Quantum Break Gamescom- Screenshot 2

MS has revealed their launch plans for Quantum Break. Several stores are slated to join in on the festivities set to take place on April 5. Eleven Microsoft stores throughout U.S. and Canada will be hosting events on April 4, with each having food, music, and hands-on demos. Additionally, the first 200 to purchase a copy of the game will receive a limited edition poster. For those who can’t attend, Remedy will be hosting a livestream on their Twitch channel. A full list of all participating locations can be found below. Also, Australian players can meet the game’s star and protagonist Shawn Ashmore on April 7 at the MS store on Pitt Street Mall in Sydney. He’ll be on hand to sign items, meet fans, and take part in a question-and-answer session.


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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered website now live

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PS4) - Announcement - Screenshot 4

The upcoming enhanced re-released of Valkyria Chronicles now has a full website. Character profiles, artwork, a brief history of the game world, and info on the game’s Blitza battle system are all covered. Additional art, screenshots, and videos are slotted to be added later.


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Fallout 4 – Automatron DLC now available for console, PC

Fallout 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Automatron DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 5

Automatron, the first download pack for Fallout 4, is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The $9.99 download introduces Mechanist, a new villain who leads an army of killer robots against the Commonwealth. Players can salvage parts from said killer robots to build customized companions. These robotic pals can be modified with various mods, abilities, armor, limbs, and paint schemes. Automatron will be followed by April’s Wasteland Workshop, which will introduce new settlement options, while a large new landmass will be added in May’s Far Harbor.


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Taito-themed DLC now available for Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours

Dariusburst Chronicle Saviour (PC, PS4, PS Vita) DLC Announcement - Header

Degica has announced that their Taito-themed DLC for Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours has gone live on Steam and PSN. Additionally, the Sega-themed packs are scheduled to launch on April 7. The Taito pack includes craft, remixed music, and levels from three different titles: Metal Black, Night Striker, and RayForce. The Sega pack will also feature craft, remixed music, and levels from three different games: Fantasy Star, Galaxy Force II, and Space Harrier. Note that downloadable ships are only playable in downloadable levels. The Taito drops are priced at $4.99 each or $11.99 for a bundle of all three.


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Halo World Championship 2016 schedule, Spartan’s Armory REQ out

Halo 5 Guardians (Xbox One) Halo World Championship Info Announcement - Screenshot 1

Microsoft has released details on how Halo fans can check out the Halo World Championship 2016. The 16-team event has a prize pool worth $2.5 million and is set to kick off next week in Hollywood, CA, from Friday, March 18 to Sunday, March 20. The playoffs will begin at 11 a.m. (CST) on Friday and Saturday, followed by the Finals at 6 p.m. (CST) on Sunday, and be streamed at and through the Twitch App on Xbox One. The finals can also be watched on the Xbox Live Events Interactive app, which is available through the Xbox Store. Everyone who watches the final will receive a free HaloWC Gamerpic and REQ Pack, which will include the rare Challenger armor set. The 14-skin Spartan’s Armory REQ is also live from now until midnight March 20 for 80,000 RP/$9.99. The full schedule, along with REQ info, can be found below.


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Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress now available for non-Season Pass-ers

Just Cause 3 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Sky Fortress DLC General Sale Announcement - Screenshot 1

The first pack from Just Cause 3’s Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass, Sky Fortress, is now available for all players. The drop contains a new set of missions that revolve around a new enemy, the eDEN Corporation. Based out of their Sky Fortress, the corporation commands an army of robotic drones that need to be tackled before the leaders can be brought down. Rico has access to several new weapons to handle the threat, including a new upgradeable, rocket-powered Bavarium Wingsuit that sports machine guns and missiles, a Bavarium Splitter assault rifle, and the new Eviction defense drone.


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GTA Online Lowriders: Custom Classics up, adds rides and more

Grand Theft Auto V (PC, PS4, Xbox One) GTA Online Lowriders Custom Classics Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Lowriders: Custom Classics update has gone live for GTA Online. The download expands the number of Lowriders stocked at Benny’s Original Motor Works, adds new weapons at Ammu-Nation, and increases the amount of clothes and accessories. Some of the additions include two upgradeable muscle cars—Vapid Slamvan and Dundreary Virgo Classic—Compact Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, 16 tattoo designs, and three hairstyles. Sumo Adversary Mode has also been added, pitting solo players or a team against others in an attempt to force one side out of a marked area.


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Forza 6 gets seven new rides with release of Meguiar’s Car Pack

Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One) Meguiars Car Pack Announcement - Screenshot 1

Forza 6 has received seven new rides with the launch of its sixth DLC drop, the Meguiar’s Car Pack. The final pack in the Car Pass includes the 1934 Alfa Romeo P3, 1968 Opel GT, 1988 Jaguar #60 Castrol Jaguar Racing XJR-9, 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB, 1967 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL, 1969 Fiat Dino 2.4 Coupe, and—deep breath—the 2015 Chevrolet #10 Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette Daytona Prototype. Non-pass holders can download the set for $6.99.


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New trailer released for Fallout 4 DLC Automatron

Fallout 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Automatron DLC Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Bethesda has released the first trailer for Fallout 4’s first downloadable add-on, Automatron. The $9.99 expansion adds a new villain, Mechanist, who has created an army of robots to invade the Commonwealth. Crafty players can turn those same robots into their own customized companions, modifying them with various mods, abilities, armor, limbs, and paint schemes. New settlement options are up next in April’s Wasteland Workshop, and in May, a giant new landmass will be added in Far Harbor.


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