Developer- and Publisher-specific Articles: Deep Black: Episode 1

Deep Black emerges from the depths, now available for PS3

Deep Black (360, PC, PS3) PSN Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Biart’s third-person shooter Deep Black has launched on PSN for $14.99. The 505 Games-published action title centers around retired mercenary Syrus Pierce’s mission to take down the Al-Azrad terrorist network. Pierce will battle Al-Azrad on land and under water in 40 missions set in four different environments, using everything from bullets to … wait … is he kicking that guy in the crotch? … okay, then, crotch shots. Bullets and crotch shots.


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Deep Black: Episode 1 launches on Live Arcade

Deep Black (360, PC, PS3) PC Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 4

The first episode of Biart’s third-person shooter Deep Black is now available on Live Arcade. Released last March for PC, Deep Black tasks players with taking on the role of retired mercenary Syrus Pierce and tracking down the Al-Azrad terrorist network. Players will have to make their way through 40 missions in four different environments, set on land and under water, taking enemies down with bullets and harpoons.


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