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Kalypso forms digital publisher Kobalt Games, reveals Blood Knights

Blood Knights (360, PC, PS3) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Developer and publisher Kalypso Media has created a new digital-centric label, Kobalt Games. According to the announcement, “Kobalt Games will publish high-quality titles for PC, XBLA, PSN, Mac and Linux at a mid-price level, with a maximum price of £24.99, €29.99, $29.99, primarily via digital distribution channels.” Kobalt announced that its first game will be Blood Knights, a hack-n-slash action-RPG from Venetica and Jack Keane developer Deck 13 Interactive. Set in the Middle Ages, players will control two adventurers, a Templar vampire hunter and the vampire he is bound to, who must battle against armies of creatures to find the spell that will break their bond.


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