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Dead Rising 4 gameplay footage released from Comic-Con

Dead Rising 3 (PC, Xbox One) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 8

More out of Comic-Con, and this time it’s some new gameplay from Dead Rising 4. After a brief series recap, members of the development team offer a quick overview with footage featuring plenty of selfies, weird weapons, and combo attacks. The footage was revealed alongside a hands-on demo for PC and Xbox One and a panel featuring several members of the team. No word if the panel will be posted.


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E3 2016 – Microsoft: Xbox One 2, Scorpio, Forza Horizon, Dead Rising

E3 2016 (MS) Xbox One S - System 1

Microsoft had plenty to show at their conference, including gameplay reveals of Rare’s Pirate-themed multiplayer-entric Sea of Thieves and the co-op-friendly Forza Horizon 3. Other trailers posted below include announcement videos for Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, and We Happy Few, plus more from Scalebound, ReCore, and others. Phantom Dust is still a go, too (woo!). Play Anywhere was prominent, which further integrates Xbox One and Windows 10 by offering cross-buy support and same-day release for MS-published titles. The biggest reveals were the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. The Xbox One S will be 40 percent smaller, come in white, have an internal power supply, support 4K Ultra HD for Blu-rays and streaming content, support High Dynamic Range (HDR) for games, and come with an updated controller. Kinect adapters will be required, but they will be free from Microsoft. The systems will roll out August 2016 for $299 (500 GB), $349 (1 TB), and $399 (limited launch edition 2 TB). Project Scorpio will be arriving holiday 2017, and is being described as “the most powerful console ever created” with support for 4K gaming and VR thanks to its “6 teraflops of GPU.” All Xbox One games will work on all Xbox One systems.


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Zombie Vikings to get physical version, Ragnarök Editiön, for PS4

Zombie Vikings Ragnarok Edition (PS4) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zoink Games’ comedic hack-and-slash adventure title Zombie Vikings: Ragnarök Editiön will be hitting store shelves this fall for PS4. Rising Star Games has signed on to release a physical version for North America. The brawler, written by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s Zach Weinersmith, will be playable solo or co-op with up to four players, with players leading a band of zombie Vikings in a quest to retrieve Odin’s magic eye from Loki. The boxed version will come with several bonuses, including five extra bonus Verses Arenas, two extra playable characters, and an unlockable making-of video.


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Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition launches online for PC

Dead Rising 3 (PC, Xbox One) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

PC gamers envious of their Xbox One counterparts’ bloody rampages through the undead hordes in Los Perdidos are finally getting their turn today with the launch of Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition. The $49.99 digital release includes Dead Rising 3 along with the four downloadable packs that combine to make up the add-on Untold Stories of Los Perdidos. The PC version features a “high resolution with fully optimized visuals and upgraded textures on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects” along with the regular Steam extras, such as Achievements, Cloud saving, Trading Cards, leaderboards, and controller support.


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Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX hits Live

Dead Rising 3 (PC, Xbox One) Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 AR HE EX DLC Release Announcement - Header

Capcom has released a new download pack for Dead Rising 3, the incredibly named Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + alpha. The new pack adds an arcade mode with support for four-player co-op, new Capcom-themed costumes, and all previous Dead Rising protagonists as playable characters. The costumes, cribbed from Final Fight, Street Fighter, Vampire Savior, and other series, also bestow the original owner’s powers onto the Dead Rising crew. Shadow bosses, giant super zombies, and unlockable bonus characters are also included.


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Dead Rising 3 announced for PC, to launch on Steam this summer

Dead Rising 3 (PC, Xbox One) PC Version Announcement - Screenshot 1

Dead Rising 3, formerly an Xbox One exclusive, will be making its way to PC later this summer. Capcom has announced that it will be a download-only release available through Steam. This version will feature “high PC resolutions with fully optimized visuals for the wide screen, upgraded textures on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects.” As a Steam title, the game will support Steam Achievements, Clouds, and Trading Cards as well as support for global leaderboards and controllers.


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(Xbox One Review) Dead Rising 3

(Xbox One Review) Dead Rising 3

“… takes the series to new heights with a large open outdoor environment, a great variety of weapons, and a fantastic co-op mode.”


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Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle DLC delayed until January

Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) Operation Broken Eagle DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Operation Broken Eagle, Dead Rising 3’s first downloadable episode, has been delayed until 2014. Originally scheduled to launch on December 24, players will now have to wait until January 21 to save the President from the undead hordes. According to the release, the decision to push back the launch date was “to ensure we provide the best possible experience for players” by “putting a few additional weeks of polish and testing into the episode before it’s released.”


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Dead Rising 3 demo launches, Operation Broken Eagle DLC detailed

Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) Operation Broken Eagle DLC Announcement - Header

Dead Rising 3 will be receiving its inaugural DLC pack on December 24, the first part of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos. As special ops commander Adam Kane, players will seek out the missing President in the five-mission Operation Broken Eagle. The drop will also include five new weapons, a new combo weapon, a new vehicle, and a new outfit. Any experienced earned will also transfer back to the original campaign. And for gamers who haven’t tried Dead Rising 3, a 20-minute timed demo is now available on Live.


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Dead Rising 3 splatters zombie mess onto store shelves for Xbox One

Launching today alongside the Xbox One is Capcom’s latest zombie slasher (and basher and drive-over-er) Dead Rising 3. The One exclusive features an open world filled with the undead that players must navigate as Nick Ramos, who must battle enemies amongst the living and the dead as he navigates Los Perdidos alongside fellow survivors. Players will once again be able to use anything not nailed down as a weapon, craft new gear and more powerful arsenals, and hop into abandoned vehicles to get about the packed streets.


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