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Need for Speed Most Wanted U runs the red, now on store shelves

Need for Speed makes its Wii U debut today with the release of Need for Speed Most Wanted U. Developer Criterion Games has added several system-specific features for this version, including direct play on the GamePad and the Co-Driver co-op mode. Using the GamePad, friends will be able to interact with a real-time map to enhance vehicle performance, distract pursuing police, control the amount of traffic, and manipulate the day-and-night cycle. Most Wanted U also includes the five car Ultimate Speed Pack.


Wii U

Need for Speed Most Wanted ignores speed traps, floors it to retail

Need for Speed Most Wanted (360, Android, iOS, PC, PS3, PS Vita) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

If you missed the launch trailer reveal last week, then surprise: Need for Speed Most Wanted is now available for 360, PC, and PS3. On-the-go gamers can also grab it for Android and iOS devices, as well as PS Vita. The Criterion Games-developed remake of the 2005 original features an open world filled with patrolling police waiting to bust speeders, as well as Autolog 2 support, for an extra layer of player interaction, and an emphasis on multiplayer.


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Need for Speed Most Wanted launch trailer released

Criterion Games and EA have released a launch trailer for Need for Speed Most Wanted, with the game set to hit store shelves next week. As with the original 2005 Most Wanted, the open-world racer eschews traditional tracks and the simulation style for a design focused on speed, flash, and of course, outrunning the police. Multiplayer has an increased importance this time around, and as with the current crop of EA racers, the game supports Autolog.


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E3 2012 – EA: Dead Space 3, Battlefield 3 Premium, and more

Dead Space 3 (360, PC, PS3) Announcement - Screenshot 1

EA covered most their major franchises today, with news about the future of Dead Space, a reimagined Need for Speed, a new program for Battlefield 3, and the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition pre-order extras.


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Burnout Crash! launches on PSN today, Live tomorrow

Burnout Crash! (360, PS3) PSN Launch and Live Tomorrow Announcement - Screenshot 1

Criterion Games’ arcade-style take on the Burnout series, Burnout Crash!, is now available on PSN and will be available tomorrow on Live Arcade. The EA-published racer is said to be “a crazy mix of pinball arcades, TV game shows and 80s pop music.”


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Burnout goes download only with Burnout Crash!

Burnout Crash (360, PS3) Announcement screenshot

Electronic Arts has announced that Burnout Crash!, the next iteration of Criterion Games’ Burnout series, will launch this fall on Live Arcade and PS Network. As the name implies, the focus of the game’s three modes will be on the series’ popular Crash mode. A new top-down perspective and cartoon visuals help to shake things up as six locations and 18 crash junctions offer players a chance to wreck as many cars and cause as much destruction as possible.


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