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QuakeCon 2012 pre-registation starts today

QuakeCon 2012 (Convention) Preregistration Announcement - Header

QuakeCon 2012 attendees looking to pre-register will be able to log in tonight at 7:00 p.m. (CST). As always, QuakeCon is free, but for those who want some extras, there are a limited number of premium packages that offer additional items to take away from the event. Details can be found below, but they range between $30 to $50 and are limited, the lowest to 350 and highest to 1,500, with items ranging from a Dishonored tallboy T-shirt to “fast-pass” access to panels and other events.


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BlizzCon 2011 ticket info announced

BlizzCon 2010_logo

Blizzard has announced that tickets for the sixth annual BlizzCon convention will go on sale in two batches, starting on Saturday, May 21. For those who don’t get in the first time around, the second batch will go on sale on Wednesday, May 25. Tickets are $175 and will be available at