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Contra: Evolution now available on App Store for iOS

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Contra: Evolution, a reimagined take on the 1988 NES original, is now available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. As before, players must battle their way through the jungles of South America against suspiciously familiar aliens and their henchman in a bid to save the planet. Now, however, there are two more characters to choose from, bringing the roster up to four, and each has their own skill set. The announcement also noted that the North American version of Evolution was optimized and polished by original developer CocoaChina along with assistance from Konami.


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Hard Corps: Uprising and X-Men Arcade half off as Deal of the Week

Hard Corps Uprising (360) Deal of the Week Announcement header

Konami’s Hard Corps: Uprising and X-Men Arcade are currently on sale from now until July 4 on Live Arcade as part of Microsoft’s Deal of the Week. Both titles are 50% off the original price, bringing Uprising down to 600 MS Points and X-Men Arcade to 400 MS Points.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Hard Corps: Uprising


If you go in with open mind and a healthy supply of patience, you’ll be amply rewarded.


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Hard Corps: Uprising jump dashes onto Live Arcade

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Hard Corps: Uprising, prequel to 1994’s Contra: Hard Corps, is now available for download on Live Arcade for 1200 MS Points. For those wanting the complete package, day-one DLC is also available in the form of two additional characters, Harley Daniels and Sayuri, for 200 MS Points. The beefed-up Daniels and nimble, sword-wielding Sayuri join the original duo, Bahamut and Krystal, in the war against the Commonwealth.


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