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CastleStorm launches for PC, From Outcast to Savior DLC announced

Zen Studios’ tower defense-brawler hybrid CastleStorm is now available on Steam. Already available for 360, CastleStorm allows players to design and build their own castle using an in-game editor, and then manage its garrison to battle back invaders. A new DLC pack, From Outcast to Savior, was also announced and will be available for 360 and PC on July 31 for 240 MS Points/$2.99. The add-on will include the Royal Guard faction, new environments, new weapons, a new Hero, 20 new battles, and new levels for Skirmish and Survival.


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Summon the vanguard! CastleStorm to launch July 29 on Steam

CastleStorm, a physics-based tower defense and brawler hybrid, will launch next month on Steam, according to developer Zen Studios. The game, set to go live for PC on July 29, will allow players to build their own castle using an in-game editor and then manage its garrison to stave off invading hordes. A video has been released to offer additional details about what players can expect from the castle editor.


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CastleStorm to storm the walls of Live Arcade on May 29

Zen Studios has announced that their upcoming physics-based tower-defense title CastleStorm will launch on May 29 on Live Arcade. The Pinball FX2 developer stated that the inspiration behind the design, which also includes offensive ground-based attacks, was their childhood memories of building and destroying Lego castles. To that end, a built-in castle editor will allow players to test their strongholds off and online. In addition to a 12-level, story-drive campaign, the game will also feature online multiplayer and co-op play.


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CastleStorm unleashes karaoke fury in new trailer, contest

Zen Studios has tapped into their musical side for a new karaoke-style trailer for CastleStorm. The upcoming 2D physics-based title pits Knights against Vikings, and the trailer brings their battlefield hymns to awaiting commanders as the two sides prepare for combat.


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Zen Studios reveals tower defenser CastleStorm

CastleStorm (360) Announcement - Screenshot 1

The pinball wizards at Zen Studios are setting their sights on the tower defense genre. The studio has announced their plans to release CastleStorm, a 2D physics-based game centered on long-range warfare and resource management. Players will have access to a variety of spells, troops, and missiles, including morning stars, homing eagles, and flying sheep, to fend off invading troops attempting to storm their castle (ha!).


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