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Boulder Dash-XL digs a bit, collects some diamonds, avoids some fireflies, reaches Live Arcade

Boulder Dash XL (360) Live Launch Announcement screenshot 1

Boulder Dash-XL has launched for the 360 on Live Arcade. For 800 MS Points, gamers get a revamped Boulder Dash sporting HD visuals, five modes, and 25 caves. A Retro Mode is also included that updates the 1984 original with real-time 3D graphics while keeping the cave and level design, rules, and enemy behavior the same as it was.


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Boulder Dash-XL – Live release date, details announced

Boulder Dash XL (360, PC) Live Release Date Announcement screenshot 1

Boulder Dash-XL, a modern revamp of the ’80s classic, is slated to launch on Live Arcade on July 13 for 800 MS Points. The Kalypso-published title, co-developed by Catnip Games and First Star Software, will include four game modes (Puzzle, Zen, Time Challenge, Retro, and Arcade), HD graphics, four game worlds, online leaderboards, over 150 new caves, two new modes (Puzzle Mode and Score Attack), and a new scoring mechanism. In a nod to the original, Retro Mode’s 25 caves will “use 3D interpretations of the original bitmap graphics from 1984.”


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