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Prototype 2 now available for 360, PS3

Prototype 2 (360, PC, PS3) 360 PS3 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Alex Mercer is back on the run today with the release of Prototype 2 for the 360 and PS3. Set 14 months after the original, Prototype 2 shifts the story to follow Sgt. James Heller in his hunt for the man who brought so much mayhem to his friends and family: you. Well, Alex Mercer. In keeping with the recent trend of using single-use passes, launch copies are Radnet Editions that have access to 55 pieces of free content, which will launch online over the next seven weeks. The extras include themes, making-of videos, avatar items, and in-game events and challenges.


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Prototype 2 gets Blackwatch Collector’s Edition

Prototype 2 (360, PC, PS3) Radnet Edition Announcement - Screenshot 2

Prototype 2 will be receiving the collector’s edition treatment when it ships out on April 24. The recently announced Radnet Edition, which comprises the initial launch copies, will make up a portion of what’s included with the Blackwatch Collector’s Edition. The limited $79.99 set will also come with a hardbound art book; a copy of the Dark Horse digital comic Prototype: The Labyrinth; the official soundtrack; free access to the first DLC Pack, Colossal Mayhem, due out in May; and a 20% discount voucher at the Merchandise Store.


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