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Bethesda announces free-to-play, 32-player brawler BattleCry

Bethesda Softworks has announced a new multiplayer-only action title for PC, BattleCry. Currently in development at BattleCry Studios, the 32-player, free-to-play release will focus on team combat set within a world designed by Dishonored’s Viktor Antonov. In this new world, players must battle in WarZones after a devastating world war at the beginning of the 20th century led to nations banning gunpowder and traditional combat. Victory will reward successful warriors with new skills and effects as they climb the ranks as either a Royal Marine or a Cossack. To battle one another, players will have access to ranged and melee weapons that can transform as well as harness electricity for extra damage.


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Bethesda continues Texas invasion with Battlecry Studios

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Bethesda Softworks has announced that their development empire is expanding today with the launch of Battlecry Studios. Battlecry is being helmed by ex-Bioware’ian Rich Vogel and is located in Austin, Texas, the same city that hosts fellow ZeniMax-owned developer Arkane Studios. Vogel has been in the industry over 20 years and has had a hand in the creation and production of several MMOs, including Star Wars: The Old Republic and Ultima Online: The Second Age.


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