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Batman: Arkham City – PC release confirmed, new screens released

Batman: Arkham City (360, PC, PS3) PC Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Dark Knight is suiting up to drop a batfist full of pain on PC gamers … just a little later than console gamers. Warner Bros. has the 360 and PS3 crowds covered with an October release—18, to be precise—for Batman: Arkham City, while PC gamers will be getting in on the action shortly thereafter sometime in November. No set date was announced, so just put little bat symbols on every day of the calendar to be on the safe side.


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Batman: Arkham City goes 3D for consoles, PC

Batman Arkham City (360, PC, PS3) 3D Announcement - Header

Warner Bros. has announced that the Dark Knight will be returning to gaming in a new dimension. The upcoming action-adventure Batman: Arkham City, set for release on October 18, will support both stereoscopic and anaglyphic 3D for the 360 and PS3, as well as Nvidia 3D Vision for PCs. Console gamers will be able to experience uncomfortably close fists with a 3D HDTV and active shutter glasses, while PC gamers can use GeForce-equipped desktop and notebook PCs as well as compatible 3DTVs. HDTV owners can play the game in anaglyphic 3D with “technology compatible with all high definition TV sets and visible to players wearing 3D glasses available for the video game.”


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Batman: Arkham City gets a touch of Castle with Stana Katic

Batman: Arkham City (360, PC, PS3) VO Announcement - Header

Warner Bros. made a small Batman: Arkham City announcement at Comic-Con this week. Stana Katic from ABC’s Castle has signed on to voice the character of Talia al Ghul. If you don’t know of Talia, then you might know her father, the classic villain (and one of the best on the animated series) Ra’s al Ghul.


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