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Halo: Spartan Strike brings back twin-stick action, out for mobile, PC

A new Halo twin-stick shooter has gone live for mobile devices and PC, Halo: Spartan Strike. The $5.99 download-only release is set in New Mombasa during the events of Halo 2. Players take on the role of a Spartan in an ONI simulation, guiding UNSC troops through 30 missions set throughout cities and jungles. Throughout the missions, soldiers gain access to new abilities, weapons, and vehicles. Windows 8 versions also include support for weekly challenges, leaderboards, and Achievements with accompanying emblems, avatars, and nameplates.


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Persona 4 Arena now on Games on Demand, tourney announced

Persona 4 Arena (360, PS3) Final Boxart Announcement - Screenshot 1

Persona 4 Arena, the Atlus and Arc System Works co-developed fighter based on the Shin Megami Tense series, has launched on Live Games on Demand. Released back in August for 360 and PS3, Arena features characters from role-playing titles Persona 3 and 4, several console-only modes, including a Story mode estimated to last over 30 hours, and ailments (for that role-playing touch).


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