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Piccolo and Krillin step into the arena, added to Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s roster is growing by two with word that the original cast is being joined by Piccolo and Krillin. Players can get a better idea of them in action in some new screenshots, posted below. The Arc System Works-developed brawler is currently slated to be released early next year.


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Arc System announces crossover fighter BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

A new multi-franchise crossover fighter was revealed at this year’s Evo tournament, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. The brawler is being developed by Arc System Works and has a tentative release date of 2018. Set to be released on unspecified console platforms, the game will include characters from four series: BlazBlue, Persona 4 Ultimate Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and the web-based anime, RWBY. The announced characters from each are Ragna the Bloodedge, Yu, Hyde, and Ruby Rose. Character design is being led by illustrator Konomi Higuchi.


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E3 2017: Bandai Namco – Dragon Ball, Ni no Kuni, Ace Combat

This year’s E3 saw Bandai Namco bring along some of their biggest upcoming releases as well as a surprise from Arc System Works. Pillar franchise Ace Combat got a new trailer and screenshots for its seventh entry, while recent hit Ni no Kuni’s upcoming sequel, Revenant Kingdom, was officially dated for November 10. The studio also revealed a recent project with Arc System Works that sees them entering the brawler market, Dragon Ball FighterZ. The Marvel vs. Capcom-style fighter is set to launch early next year and looks to be shaping up nicely. Recent reveal Code Vein was also own shown, also receiving a new trailer for the show.


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Arc System releases Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 update on Steam

PC gamers are getting the latest Guilty Gear version today with the release of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2. The update is available through Steam for $18.99, though note that it requires Revelator. The new iteration adds two characters (Answer and the return of Baiken), storyline scenarios, balance changes, additional techniques, improved online play, and several fighter-specific episodes. With the newcomers, the roster is now up to 25 combatants. Bundles are also available for the upgrade plus its DLC as as well as others that add Revelator.


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Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD now on PSN for PS4

Arc System Works’ mech-heavy action role-playing game Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD has been released for PS4. The digital-only title is set after World War IV, with much of humanity living in underground shelters after the betrayal of the mech suit Gear units. After the survivors attain their own customizable Gear suits, they set out to destroy the traitorous Rage units. The story mode follows humanity’s last stand, while an arena mode allows players to duke it out with the AI. The North American release bundles all previous downloadable packs, which includes additional armor, missions, weapons, and the Old Hero and Broken Gears of Time drop.


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ArtDink’s trading, cartography sim Neo Atlas 1469 releasing Feb. 15

Arc System Works is expanding their catalogue with a cartography simulator from ArtDink, Neo Atlas 1469. PC gamers will be able to take on the role of the master of a trading company in 15th century Europe, tasked with mapping the four corners of Earth, on February 15. Admirals will need to be hired, trade routes established, and fleets outfitted in order to send out parties to document the world. Once the expeditions return, players must decide which of their reports to use when creating their map.


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Billy and Jimmy return with new trailer, adventure in Double Dragon IV

Double Dragon IV has launched digitally for PC and PS4. Arc System Work’s beat ‘em up supports up to two players offline, and Share Play for PS4. Billy and Jimmy Lee are on a new mission in Japan, and they are sporting some new moves as well with access to a few rudimentary combos. For fans of the original, members of the original team had a hand in creating IV, including original planner Yoshihisa Kishimoto, designer Koji Ogata, and composer Kazunaka Yamane.


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Double Dragon IV launching digitally for PC, PS4 next month

Arc System Works has announced that they will be releasing Double Dragon IV for PC and PS4. The beat ‘em up will be a download-only entry with retro-style graphics, combos, and support for up to two players offline. Brawler fans can download it on January 29 on PSN and January 31 on Steam, and can look forward to Billy and Jimmy Lee returning to the mean streets, only this time in Japan. The game was developed by members of the original development team, including original planner Yoshihisa Kishimoto, designer Koji Ogata, and composer Kazunaka Yamane.


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BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Fighting Commander released for PS3, PS4

Arc System Works’ latest BlazBlue entry, Central Fiction, has launched digitally and physically for PS3 and PS4. The 2D fighter features a new storyline that is packed with 33 characters, along with new levels, mechanics, and modes. Released alongside the game is a themed controller designed by Hori specifically for fighters, the Fighting Commander.


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Time to hit the streets, River City: Tokyo Rumble out for 3DS

Natsume has released Arc System Works’ stab at the long-running River City series, River City: Tokyo Rumble. The beat ‘em up mixes in light role-playing elements to help see players through waves of enemies as they clean up Tokyo’s streets. After gangs begin to take over the city, high schooler Kunio teams up with his friends to drive them out. When they aren’t crushing heads with chains, bikes, and soccer balls, they are taking on jobs and grabbing snacks. There’s never not a good time to grab a candy bar.