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(PlayStation Vita Review) New Little King’s Story

(PlayStation Vita Review) New Little King's Story

“… the game is a solid patch away from being near the caliber of its predecessor.”


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No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise ships to retail for PS3

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Konami’s PS3-exclusive No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise has shipped to retail. Developed by AQ Interactive, this revamped iteration of the original features Move support, Rebout Mode for refighting defeated enemies, new boss battles, improved AI, new levels, and the DLC Viewer Mode, which allows access to HD versions of the game’s cutscenes. The Move motion controls will allow players to vary their beam katana attacks by altering their grip on the controller and timing of their moves.


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Cubic Ninja tilts and flips its way onto store shelves

Cubic Ninja Launch Announcement header

Ubisoft’s new button-free puzzler Cubic Ninja has hit store shelves. The $39.99 adventure tasks players with controlling a ninja through 100-plus puzzles on a quest to save their abducted friends and the kingdom’s princess. Elemental obstacles and bots will need to be tilted and turned to oblivion, or maybe even Circle Padded to death—whichever control method brings out your inner ninja. Replays can be recorded and shared with friends, and levels can be created and shared via QR Codes.