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Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV ends its run with The Warmth of Light

Square Enix released the final episode of Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The series reveals the backstory of Noctis, and offers additional insight into his family and his friends. The latest episode, The Warmth of Light, features a battle ten years later against a snake-like monster called Marilith. All five episodes are available on the official Youtube channel, while the newest one can be found below.


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Bleach: Soul Resurrección box art revealed

Bleach Soul Resurreccion Box PS3 header

NIS has given up the goods to Bleach fans today with the unveiling of the official box art for the upcoming PS3 release, Bleach: Soul Resurrección. Fans of the Viz Media series can look forward to taking control of one of the 21 playable characters in a free-roaming action-adventure stacked with multiple modes, a robust leveling system, and more when Soul Resurrección hits store shelves this August.


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