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Kalypso’s Air Conflicts: Secret Wars now on Games on Demand

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (360, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2

Kalypso Media has added their casual air-combat title Air Conflicts: Secret Wars to Xbox Live’s Games on Demand. The WWI- and WWII-era arcade-style shooter is available for 1600 MS Points and includes 49 missions set across seven campaigns that span both wars, covering theaters in Europe and North Africa. Mission types include patrol, hit-and-run attacks, bombing raids, and escort runs.


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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars downs an ace, lands on PS3

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (360, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

PlayStation 3 owners finally get a chance to suit up and take to the skies in both World Wars with Air Conflicts: Secret Wars. In addition to the single-player mode, comprised of 49 missions over seven campaigns spread out across Europe and North Africa, and three multiplayer modes, the PS3 version also includes 3D support and PlayStation Move motion controller functionality. Mind the Messerschmitts, men!


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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars takes to the skies for 360, PC

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (360, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars, a new arcade-style combat flight sim from Kalypso, is now available for the 360 and PC. Virtual pilots will fly sorties during both World War I and II throughout Europe and North Africa. Seven campaigns comprised of 49 missions will require players to take on a variety of tasks, including patrolling, bombing, and escorting. Secret Wars includes an upgrade system as well as two control schemes, one geared towards casual pilots and another for flight sim vets.


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