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Acttil bringing PS4 action-RPG Fallen Legion stateside next summer

Fallen Legion (PS4) Announcement - Screenshot 1

YummyYummyTummy’s upcoming side-scrolling action role-playing game Fallen Legion will be coming to North America, courtesy of Acttil. Slated to launch next summer for PS4, Fallen Legion tasks players with saving the Kingdom of Fenumia. As the recently crowned Queen Cecille, players must quash a rebellion to restore the safety of the realm. The queen has to not only lead her soldiers into battle, with up to four characters engaging in real-time combat, but also rule her subjects by making administrative decisions.


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Acttil bringing new dungeon crawler to PS Vita, Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant (PS Vita) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Acttil has announced that they will be bringing a new dungeon-crawler to PS Vita next spring, Ray Gigant. Developed by Experience Inc., the studio behind Demon Gaze and Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, and published in Japan by Bandai Namco, the upcoming adventure will put players in the shoes of three different characters. The trio offer different points of view as each attempts to save the world from the Gigants and their minions, and by the end, their three journeys will converge as they cross paths. Gigants are massive creatures the size of skyscrapers that are rampaging across the planet, and to defeat them, the characters will have to grow stronger through the evolve tree system and utilize a rhythm-based battle system to add extra damage to their attacks.


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Former NIS America staff form new publisher, acttil

Acttil (Announcement) Logo

Three NIS America alumni have formed a new publishing company, acttil. The studio, founded by Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi, and Nao Miyazawa, will offer an array of services to both established and indie studios, including localization, package and advertisement design, editing, monetization strategy development, and sales plan development. At the moment, acttil plans to deliver titles for PC, current and next-gen consoles, mobile platforms, the web, and eReaders.


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