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CD Projekt Red releases The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt intro cinematic

The opening cinematic to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been released by developer CD Projekt Red. Titled The Trail, the video is over three minutes of decapitation, impalement, magic, and hunting. And it looks fantastic. Amidst flashback sequences, Geralt and Vesemir track down the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg.


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Halo: The Master Chief Collection launch events announced, HaloFest

Microsoft has detailed HaloFest, a series of events being hosted by 343 Industries in celebration of the impending release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The studio plans on hosting broadcasts of interviews, new gameplay footage from the campaign, and sneak peeks of both the multiplayer beta as well as the first episode of Halo: Nightfall. The bulk of the festivities will take place on November 10 at the Avalon Theatre in Los Angeles, but a tournament will kick things off on November 8-9 and all events will be viewable via streams on Twitch,, and Xbox Live. The schedule is available below, and event details can be found on the official Facebook page. To get fans ready, 343 has released a new trailer debuting the live-action series Halo: Nightfall.


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Sunset Overdrive launch trailer released, Week of Explosions begins

A new launch trailer has been released for Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive. The video runs nearly two minutes and features a little of the backstory as well as some gamelpay footage, showcasing the mixture of platforming-style action and third-person shooting that players can expect when the game is released next week. A contest is also up that offers a limited edition in-game outfit for the first 100,000 Twitter users who choose #BlowUpFizze or #BlowUpMutants as part of the Week of Explosions leading up to launch. The prize is an outfit called Granny’s Revenge, which comes with a flame-throwing shotgun.


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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die to migrate from GFWL to Steam in Nov.

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (PC) Steam Migration Announcement - Screenshot 1

Bandai Namco has announced that they are working with FromSoftware to allow gamers to migrate Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, along with its saves and achievements, from Games for Windows Live to Steam. The process has already begun, but the migration period will not being until November. Full details are below, but gamers can start by heading to Xbox Support to learn about how they can get the Token that is required to activate their copy on Steam. Save data and Achievements will be transferable during a specific period, but tokens can still be redeemed after the period ends.


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Techland kicks off 4-pack promo on Steam for Dying Light

Dying Light (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Steam 4 Pack Announcement - Screenshot 1

Techland has launched a new four-pack promo on Steam for their upcoming open-world action title Dying Light. The deal allows users to pre-order four copies for the price of three, with one for themselves and three as giftable extras to send to others. All copies include an exclusive weapon, the Punk Queen, and access to the Be the Zombie DLC multiplayer mode.


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Far Cry 4 season pass to include five packs of missions and modes

Far Cry 4 (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Season Pass Announcement - Header

Far Cry 4’s season pass has been detailed today by Ubisoft. The $29.99 pass will be available for all versions at launch and include new missions and modes for both solo and co-op play. A day-one mission, The Syringe, is a single or co-op mission exclusive for season pass holders that pits players against Pagan Min’s forces in a game of keep-away as they attempt to safeguard a recipe. In addition, there will be four other download packs. Escape from Durgesh Prison will be an open-world survival mode playable solo or in co-op, Hurk Deluxe Pack will include five missions and a new weapon, Overrun will add a player-versus-player territory-style mode, and Valley of the Yetis will add a horde-style mode playable solo or in co-op. Details for each are available below.


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Bungie’s Destiny breaks sales records during launch month

Destiny (360, PC, PS3, PS4) Content Update Announcement - Screenshot 2

Activision has released new sales data for Bungie’s latest shooter, Destiny. Going by NPD and Activision’s internal estimates, Destiny holds the title of being gaming’s biggest launch of a new franchise. Additionally, it is also the only new gaming franchise in the top 30 all-time based on US retail sales during launch month, and its launch month retail sales put it in the top 10 largest of all time in the US. Activision Publishing’s CEO Eric Hirshberg also noted that gamers are still playing Destiny for an average of three hours a day.


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Halo: The Master Chief Collection goes goooold, plus pre-load info

Halo The MAster Chief Collection (Xbox One) Gold and Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 1

343 Industries has announced that Halo: The Master Chief Collection has gone gold. The Xbox One set will also be receiving a wider release with most territories now scheduled to get the game on the earlier release date, November 11. The countries not included in the bump are Belgium (November 12), Japan (November 13), and France (November 14). The game will also go live for pre-order and pre-download later today, which will allow gamers to pre-load the game to have it ready to play the second it goes live. Those going the digital route should take advantage of that option, as there will be a lot to download: 45 GB for the game and another 20 GB for a launch content patch, which will include “some features and multiplayer content.” The campaign will be playable as content is installing.


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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets four new screenshots for 360, PS3

Chivalry Medieval Warfare (360, PS3) Oct Media Announcement - Screenshot 1

A handful of new screenshots has been released from Torn Banner Studios’ upcoming action title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The screens show some of the first-person medieval-flair combat that is currently making its way from PC to 360 and PS3. The console version will feature 60-plus weapons across several arm types, four classes, 12-player versus combat, and five multiplayer modes.


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Double Damage reveals space opera Rebel Galaxy for PC, PS4

Rebel Galaxy (PC) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Double Damage Games has revealed their debut title, the “action-packed, swashbuckling space opera” Rebel Galaxy. As the commander of a star cruiser, players will pilot through a randomly generated galaxy filled with pirates, anomalies, aliens as a rogue, trader, privateer, or somewhere in-between. The ship will be customizable with a variety of offensive and defensive upgrades that will be purchased using credits earned by harvesting and scavenging resources from artifacts, asteroids, and wreckage. Players will also be able to interact with aliens to negotiate trades and gather information. Although, going by my experience in negotiating with aliens, any talks will most likely end in a fight to the death.


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