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Spider-Man: The Movie Game

Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Action / Adventure
Players: 1
Similar To: Spider-Man (PlayStation / Dreamcast)
Rating: Everyone
Published: 07 :11 : 02
Reviewed By: Bryce Gunkel

Overall: 8.5 = Excellent


- - - -


What could be more enduring than the story of an ubergeek turned super hero through infection by insect, then left with no recourse but to spend his life swinging around in his underwear while uttering witty quips and usurping armor-clad baddies? Well I'll tell you what could be, nothing! Except of course maybe the annual Entdepot Kitten Rodeo headed up by our own Nick, but that's a story for another time.

Gameplay: 8.5/10
The essentials of Spider-Man are rather simple: progress from level to level, accomplishing whatever tasks are presented to you. Such tasks range from simply defeating X number of thugs/robots, besting a super villain in either hand-to-hand or aerial combat, or simply navigating one maze of a level until you find yourself triumphantly standing at the exit. Also littered between the levels are many short movies to help further along the plot, and I have to say that all things considered, they really aren’t half-bad. Oh, and speaking of the plot, even though the game is positioned to take itself as an adaptation of the movie, by all means do not expect a direct translation, as many things have been added, dropped or altered so as to make for a more action-packed title.

Spider-Man himself is capable of a multitude of moves and abilities, all of which can be practiced and learned in the training mode, narrated by the talented Mr. Bruce Campbell. These talents range from your staple wall-crawling, web-swinging, and web-shooting to your more advanced moves (which should not be attempted by amateurs) like aerial web shields, combo attacks and last but not least, hiding in the shadows! Yes folks, you heard me right: in this game, everyone’s favorite little spider takes a crack at the stealth trophy currently held by the Metal Gear Solid games. The good news: it's not that hard to avoid the enemies with this new “stay in the shadows and become invisible, no matter what you do” feature. However, the bad news would be that the stealth function really isn't that in-depth, and when you consider the length of the levels in which you’re expected to use this feature, the whole concept becomes rather boring and overdone.

Now I'm sure that by now you've read other reviews of this title, many of which have likely mentioned the one problem which seems to be ever-present: the camera. To be honest, it definitely is a problem; even after playing the game for hours, thinking that I had adjusted myself to the awkward behavior of the camera, it was still haunting my every move. There are some instances where the camera issues can be resolved by using the “enemy lock-on” feature, but this will limit you to only seeing what is between you and your enemy, leaving you blind to all other obstacles.

Graphics: 8.5/10
When everything is said and done, the PS2 incarnation may not be the prettiest of the three home consoles when it comes to Spider-Man, but that definitely doesn't mean that it isn't a breathtaking game all the same. Heck, I'm still impressed with the open city levels, and to be honest I will be comparing other future titles on the PS2 to Spider-Man in regards to the environments.

Sound: 9/10
Considering that this is the game version of the recent movie, it is rather comforting to have some of the actors lending their vocal talents to the game characters. Also, the music tracks lend themselves rather well to the game, especially in the early levels where the feeling of actually being a heroic figure is all the more embedded through the epic music.

Control: 8/10
For the most part, the controls within this Spidey title were dead-on, something that can be very hard to accomplish once you stop to think about the variety and overall uniqueness of the moves Spidey is capable of pulling off. However, while the webslinger himself may not be too hard to control, the same cannot be said for the camera, which often finds itself facing a direction less than advantageous to the matters at hand.

Overall: 8.5/10
GO BUY SPIDER-MAN. GO BUY IT NOW. YOU DON'T BUY, YOU MISS OUT BIG TIME. Spider-Bryce, Spider-Bryce, his reviews sure are nice, writes them out any size, tells the truth and not lies, LOOK OUT! Here comes the Spider-Bryyyyyyyyyyyyyce! (Note: Hmm, I'm sorry for this, I'll just leave well enough alone for now - ED)

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