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Another War

Developer: Mirage
Publisher: Cenega Publishing
Genre: Role-Playing Game (cRPG)
Players: 1
ETA: Q3 2002
Similar To: Fallout 2
Published: 09 :27 : 02
Previewed By: Kevin Weiser


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Official Statement

Another War is a CRPG game with story localized in occupied Europe during WWII. The witty and humorous plot combined with the sophisticated character development system gives the player days of the addicting fun.

General Information
Another War is about a man living by his wits, mercenary and adventurer who get involved in a bloody machination between fighting world-powers when trying to save old friend from the nazi tight squeeze. The plot begins in a forgotten French village where the only signs of war are rare German patrols and Wehrmacht soldiers occupying the local bar. It ends in the hell of the besieged Leningrad where the hero finds one of the most secret Russian and German projects.

Graphically, everything was rendered entirely with Maya 3.0, and has a full range of graphical effects such as particle effects for smoke, fire, explosions, dynamic lighting, and a positional sound system. The player sees things from a 3/4th isometric perspective, and much care has been given to attention to detail. There has also been considerable effort to maintain historical accuracy, especially for the uniforms and weapons.

Gameplay is pretty standard fair as far as interface and combat goes. The player runs around, examines things, kills people and takes their stuff, and other typical CRPG activities. What really stood out in my mind was the setting and overall tone of the game.

The setting is a truly fantastic one. I really wish someone had thought of doing an RPG during the Second World War before now, because that period in history is rife with possibilities. I'm very excited to play the full game and see which way this game will take things.

I'm very glad to see the game is made by non-Americans, because their attitudes about that war makes for a very refreshing tone from what I've played of the game. Poland-based Mirage Interactive has a very unique smarmy attitude that oozes through almost every line of text in the game. And there is text-aplenty here, something I found myself really enjoying. One interesting throwback to the "old school" style of RPGing found in Another War is just how much the player can do in dialog trees besides talk. One such example can be found in the very first scene, where the player can thoroughly investigate a bulletin board. Tenacious players can find some bonus experience points and a subtle jab at Hitler if they choose the right options.

The demo involved a bit of dialog, a healthy dose of humor, a nice little introduction to the plot, and a whole bunch of Nazi killin. Yes, its safe to say this game will be combat intensive. Everything is real time with a “pause” feature made popular by the Baldur’s Gate series. The demo only allows one other party member; an alcoholic AWOL German soldier. Control over other people is extremely limited, Mirage studios obviously belongs to the “the player controls one character, everyone else has a mind of their own”. From what I played that doesn’t work too badly, at least they let you manage his inventory easily and quickly, a mistake Arcanum is still regretting.

With a bit more polish, Another War could quite possibly take the CRPG market by storm. The setting and flavor of this game is certainly unique, and I for one can’t wait to see what Mirage Interactive does with it.

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