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“… a lengthy, thrilling, and often humorous adventure that kicks off a great series.”


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Retro-style shooter Strafe gets a bloody launch date reveal

Pixel Titans’ upcoming re-imagining of the old first-person shooter Strafe has been dated in a particularly gory trailer. The procedurally generated retro-style shooter is set to launch on March 28 for Mac and PC. Don’t let that last bit stop you from seeing a bunch of exploding pixel heads below, though.


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Halo Wars 2 begins Blitz Multiplayer Beta for PC and Xbox One

Halo Wars 2’s Blitz multiplayer has gone live for PC and Xbox One. Any Windows 10 PC player and Xbox One owner with Live Gold can download it now, and play it until January 30. The beta features all of the units, with the mode’s twist that the player has their leader powers and army ready to go at the beginning of each match due to picking them out beforehand as a deck of a dozen cards. Everything has an associated energy cost, so players must balance the units they choose with the energy pool available to them. The beta is only for player versus player, but the final version will also allow for player versus environment while in Blitz. To get the nitty gritty on Blitz, head to Halo Waypoint’s 101 page, and to download it, PC owners can head here and Xbox One owners here.


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Get a look at Yakuza 0’s first-run Business Edition in unboxing video

Sega has posted a video detailing all of the goodies that come with Yakuza 0. The pre-order and first-run edition comes with several extras, including a business card holder and three business cards. The cards allow players to properly present themselves as Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima, or a variety of hostesses. The Business Edition costs the same as the standard edition ($59.99).


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Birthdays the Beginning developer video series debuts with Creation

A new developer video series has been releasing for Birthdays the Beginning. The first features the game’s creator, Yasuhiro Wada, discussing the creation element and its concepts. Specific topics touched on include the game’s Macro and Micro modes, which will allow players to view their world in its entirety as a cube or on a ground level, amongst the flora and fauna. The next entry will focus on two new topics: Nurture and Celebrate.


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Rogue Factor adapting Necromunda: Underhive Wars to console, PC

Focus Home and Rogue Factor are following up the recently released Mordheim: City of the Damned with a new console and PC release, Necromunda: Underhive Wars. The Games Workshop tabletop game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and will feature a turn-based combat system with role-playing-style leveling mechanics. Players take charge of a faction of soldiers who are engaged in a long-running war for the Underhive, “a gigantic warren of derelict factories, rusted metal husks, and forgotten technologies.” More info will be sent out on February 1 and 2 during Focus Home’s What’s Next event in Paris.


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Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Mask of Truth coming stateside

Two of Aquaplus’ visual novel and strategy role-playing game hybrids, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, will be arriving in North America later this year. The former is set to be released this spring, while the latter is scheduled to hit outlets later in the year. Mask of Deception follows the amnesiac Haku who is rescued by a young, beastlike girl, Kuon. The duo quickly find themselves battling enemies and making allies as they get caught up in struggles taking place throughout the nation of Yamato. Mask of Deception serves as the conclusion to Mask of Truth, and is said to be over 50 hours long.


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Tokyo Xanadu coming to PS Vita, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ to PC, PS4

Aksys is teaming up with Falcom to release Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita and Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PC and PS4. The action-heavy role-playing game is scheduled to launch in two waves, with Tokyo Xanadu releasing first this summer and the enhanced Tokyo Xanadu eX+ following in the fall. The four-plus-hour campaign is set in a Tokyo that is slowly recovering from a massive earthquake that struck a decade earlier. The disaster was caused by a shadow world called Eclipse, and players must destroy that realm’s hordes of monsters before they take over the city. Along the way, they will build relationships, train, and try their hands at mini-games. The eX+ version adds new post-story scenarios, playable character (White Shroud knight), modes (Boss Rush and Time Attack), dungeons, monsters, and bosses.


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Get a look at Persona 5’s mechanics in new gameplay video

Atlus has released a new video detailing the adventures of the Phantom Thieves. Specifically, the game mechanics involved in pulling off a typical heist. After hanging up their school uniforms, the Phantom Thieves spend their nights destroying the evils within the Metaverse. Using their personas, they explore the collective unconscious of mankind to destroy what lurks in the palaces that are created by people’s warped desires. The crew first picks a target, and after finding out more about the person, uses their Metaverse Navigator to access the palace to solve its puzzles, clear out the shadows, and topple its ruler. And steal the treasure, of course, which also happens to be the person’s deepest desire. But the crew isn’t in it just for the loot, as taking the treasure will also cause the target to rid itself of evil. Shadows can be pummeled, robbed, or persuaded to join the team as a persona.


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Dood! Disgaea 5 Complete bringing tactical-RPG-ness to Switch

Disgaea 5 Complete was recently revealed for Nintendo’s Switch console. The strategy-heavy role-playing game will be available digitally and physically, and include the base game along with all downloadable content. The drops add an extra eight bonus scenarios, four characters, and three character classes. A limited edition is also on offer, and is up for pre-order on NIS’ online store.


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