River City: Tokyo Rumble launching Sept. 27, Amazon gets a bonus


Natsume will be returning to the River City series in a few weeks when River City: Tokyo Rumble hits 3DS on September 27. The Arc System Works-developed entry will mix role-playing mechanics with brawler-style combat as players take on the role of Kunio, a badass with a heart of gold. After a group of ruffians move into Tokyo, Kunio and his pals take it upon themselves to clean up the streets before the newcomers take over the city. The studio also revealed an Natsume Amazon-exclusive bonus: a limited-edition keychain of Kunio.



Forza Motorsport 6: Apex now on Windows Store with wheel support

Forza Motorsport 6 Apex (PC) Open Beta Announcement - Screenshot 4

Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, the first PC entry in the popular series, has left beta and is now available in full on the Windows Store. A new patch has been introduced in the process that adds support for 11 wheels, all from Logitech and Thrustmaster. The full list can be found below. Support for more is on the horizon, including the ClubSport V2 Xbox One Hub and the Fanatec CSR models, with support for the latter scheduled to be introduced later this month. Also, save for the G29, H-pattern shifters are supported for all Logitech wheels. Additional manufacturers will be added to the list in the future.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Salvation now available for PS4

Call of Duty Black Ops III (PC PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox One) Salvation Announcement - Screenshot 1

Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Salvation has gone live on PSN. The final downloadable pack sees Black Ops III off with four multiplayer maps and the Origins Zombies’ finale, Revelations. The included maps are detailed below, but of note for series fans are two reimaginings: Black Ops II’s Standoff is now the Western-styled Outlaws, while World at War’s Outskirts has been reworked into a futuristic repair facility in Rupture. Revelations also wraps up the squad’s adventure as the group faces Doctor Monty in The House.


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Cinematic trailer released for supernatural adventure Virginia

Virginia (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Announcement - Screenshot 3

After a brief teaser, Variable State has released a cinematic trailer for their upcoming supernatural procedural Virginia. The footage is taken from gameplay, but spliced together to offer a wider look at the thriller’s characters and environments. Taking its cues from television, the developers utilize a variety of editing techniques, including dissolves, jump cuts, and montages, throughout the game.


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Hitman – Episode 5: Colorado to be released on September 27

Hitman Episode 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Io-Interactive is following their recent release-date reveal of Hitman: The Complete First Season with news that Episode 5 will be going live on September 27. The penultimate episode, titled Freedom Fighters, will be set in Colorado, and task players with sneaking into a farm that’s been turned into a makeshift militia training camp. Four people—Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg, and Penelope Graves—have been targeted by Agent 47 in what’s being described as “one of the toughest episodes yet.” The mission will entail 70 challenges along with new gear, items, and weapons.


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Batman: Return to Arkham launching Oct. 18, Side-by-Side Trailer up

Batman Return to Arkham (PS4, Xbox One) Release Date Announcement - Header

Warner Bros. has announced that Batman: Return to Arkham will be released on October 18. The two-game bundle includes 2009’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and 2011’s Batman: Arkham City, both from Rocksteady Studios, along with all of their associated downloadable content and Game of the Year edition extras. Both games will also sport updated character models, lighting, effects, and shaders. A new comparison video has been released to show side-by-side comparisons between the older and newer versions.


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Gory retro beat ’em up Mother Russia Bleeds launches for PC

Mother Russia Bleeds (PC) Announcement - Screenshot 3

Le Cartel’s side-scrolling brawler Mother Russia Bleeds is now available for PC. As a trapped street fighter, players must battle their way to freedom through the streets of an alternate USSR that is filled with corrupt police, criminals, and forced addicts. They can go at it alone or with up to four players in co-op. In addition to the campaign, co-op is also supported in Survival Mode. The suitably ridiculously violent launch trailer can be found below.


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Neon overload ahead, Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet out for PS4

Touhou Genso Rondo Bullet Ballet (PS4) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS has released Cubetype’s hybrid twin-stick shooter/fighter Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet for PS4. As one of 10 characters, players must battle the rest of the cast in one-on-one combat using shooter mechanics throughout Story Mode. Boss Rush and Versus modes are also included. In addition, $2.99 Story and BGM packs have been released for Aya Shameimaru, Flandre Scarlet, and Yukari Yakumo. A free character, fan-contest winner Yukari Yakumo, will be added on October 4.


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(PlayStation 4 Review) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

(PlayStation 4 Review) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

“… a satisfying follow-up to Human Revolution.”


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Shadow Warrior 2 up for pre-order, to launch on October 13 for PC

Shadow Warriors 2 (PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Shadow Warrior 2 will be lopping off limbs and blowing off heads next month for PC. Flying Wild Hog is set to deploy Lo Wang against the demon hordes just in time for Halloween, with the $39.99 special edition and $49.99 deluxe edition (art book, soundtrack, skins and weapons) hitting digital outlets on October 13. Now a mercenary, Wang will once again wield his swords, guns, and magic to rid the world of monsters, alone or with up to four players in online co-op. The sequel is described as being bigger than the 2013 original, with “an open, vertically scalable world” that hosts a procedurally generated loot system. Pax West attendees can try the game out this weekend at booth 2443. Everyone else can see it in action below by checking out the new trailer.


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