.hack//G.U. trilogy getting HD treatment with Last Recode for PC, PS4

Role-playing fans received some good news today with word that Bandai Namco will be releasing .hack//G.U. Last Recode for PC and PS4. Last Recode bundles together updated versions of three titles: Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption. In addition to updated graphics, with support for 1080p, 60 fps, and 16:9 widescreen, the games will sport balance tweaks and extra features. The CyberConnect2-created franchise follows players as they work their way through an in-game MMORPG called The World. G.U. picks up where the first .hack series left off, with players tracking down a Player Killer named Tri-Edge.


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Cave Story+ released digitally, physically for Switch

The hit PC indie platformer-style action title Cave Story+ has entered the latest generation with a new version for Switch. Publisher Nicalis has released the title digitally and physically for $29.99. As a young hero, players awaken in a strange, dangerous world, where they must uncover clues about their past while helping the oppressed inhabitants of the land, the rabbit-like Mimiga. First-run physical copies come with several extras, including a 32-page manual, a Famitracks soundtrack mini-CD, and for those who purchase their copies at GameStop, a randomly inserted chibi keychain of one of the three characters.


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Strategy role-playing game God Wars Future Past out for PS4, PS Vita

NIS is letting players battle alongside the gods today with the release of God Wars Future Past. The strategy-heavy role-playing game puts players in the shoes of an escaped sacrifice, Princess Kaguya, who must fight her way through the lands of Mizuho. The story is steeped in Japanese mythology, and will introduce players to gods from Japan’s pantheon. Three free downloadable items were also detailed, with the debut release being Kaguya’s Equipment Set, which will add the God Bow, God Hood, and God Robe on June 20. Following the next week, on June 27, is Additional Scenario 1 with an extra story battle that becomes accessible after finishing the main story. Lastly is Additional Scenario 2, on July 5, which will add another post-campaign story battle that ties into the aftermath of Additional Scenario 1.


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Castle of Shikigami brings supernatural shooter action to PC

Alfa System’s supernatural-themed vertical shooter Castle of Shikigami has hit Steam. As an assistant to Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Force, players must choose between six playable characters and take to the skies in order to defeat a murderous cult throughout five multipart stages. The game also supports two-player local co-op, achievements, leaderboards, and trading cards.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles out for console, PC

The download-only Zombies compilation, Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies Chronicles, has gone live. The release, which requires Black Ops III, includes eight maps from the various Treyarch-developed entries: World at War, Black Ops, and Black Ops II. All of the maps have been enhanced with “vibrant current-generation visuals, enhanced lighting, revamped character models and environments, and updated AI and audio systems.” Custom weapons are also available across all of the maps: Nacht der Untoten (Abandoned Bunker), Verruckt (Wittenau Sanitorium), and Shi No Numa (Jungle Swamp) from World at War; Kino Der Toten (Theater of the Dead), Ascension (Soviet Cosmodrome), Shangri-la (Exotic Jungle Shrine), and Moon (Lunar Base) from Black Ops; and Origins (WWI France) from Black Ops II.


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Cyanide Studio releases new Call of Cthulhu trailer for E3

The Sleeper of R’lyeh nears in a new trailer for Call of Cthulhu. The upcoming procedural role-playing game puts players in the shoes of private investigator Edward Pierce. His latest assignment is a case involving the death of a family on Darkwater Island. As he gets to know the strange locals and bizarre environs, his sanity will start the slip, as his investigation draws him closer to Cthulhu.


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13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim teaser definitely teases for E3

Attlluuusss! The studio, who just last week revealed their plans to localize 13 Sentinels, has released a video showing more of the game … kind of. Instead of a proper introduction, it’s a teaser trailer. It’s all in the name, really, with players getting only a glimpse of Vanillaware’s upcoming action title. Something’s better than nothing, right?


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E3 2017: Atlus/Sega – Yakuza, Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami, more

Atlus and Sega have compiled a handy list of their upcoming titles, complete with trailers and descriptions. All of these have been previously announced, with the latest being Atlus’ big three: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux. But with the big show, there’s been some new media released. Check out the new trailers below.


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(PlayStation 4 Review) Tekken 7

” … feels great, plays great, and looks great, but the lack of a proper tutorial or challenge modes will leave many players feeling rudderless.”


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E3 2017 – Capcom: Monster Hunter, Marvel vs. Capcom

Capcom spent their time at E3 revealing the latest Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter: World, and surprising players with a story demo for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Set to launch early 2018 for console, Monster Hunter will mark the first time the series appears on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Additionally, PS4 players will also get extra content. And for fighting fans, the Marvel vs. Capcom demo is out now for console. New media was released for both titles.


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