(Xbox One Review) Halo Wars 2

“… packs a feature-rich multiplayer component with a simple but serviceable campaign, though both struggle with a restrictive control system despite a valiant effort. ”


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Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception release date, extras revealed

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Atlus’ upcoming visual-novel-styled strategy-RPG from Aquaplus, has been officially dated for May 23. As has become the studio’s tradition, pre-order and first-run copies will come with several bonuses. A special slipcase will bundle the game alongside a 50-page softcover art book. The book, previewed below, will feature drawings of heroes, enemies, and locales, along with concept art, developer notes, and faction information. Speaking of factions, a new story trailer has also been released that offers an overview of the warring kingdoms.


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Nine new screenshots released from Dark Souls III: The Ringed City

Bandai Namco has sent out nine screens from the final downloadable expansion of Dark Souls III, The Ringed City. In the titular Ringed City, players will be seek out the Slave Knight Gael in search of the Dark Soul of Humanity. More of the quest can be seen in the latest images, which “highlight the lost wanderers, royal residents, and fearsome beasts that inhabit the fabled city at the end of the world.”


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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap launching for consoles on April 28

Retro platforming will be returning on April 18 with the release of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. For console players, that is. PC gamers will have to wait a little longer, as the updated Master System classic is slated to launch a few weeks later. The latest version features updated visuals, along with an option to revert back to the original graphics on the fly, as well as passcode support.


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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone – 2nd Encore Pack on PSN

The 2nd Encore Pack has gone live for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone. The $9.99 add-on comes bundled with new accessories, modules, songs, and for those with Future Sound and Colorful Tone, Extra Extreme Charts. The lengthy list of everything that’s included can be found below, along with pictures of three new themes that also launched today. Each theme runs $3.99, and there are three on offer, two dynamic (Future Sound Theme, Colorful Tone Theme) and one static.


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Tactical-RPG God Wars Future Past delayed until late June

NIS is delaying the release of their upcoming tactical role-playing game God Wars Future Past. The PS4, PS Vita launch date is being pushed back from March 28 to June 20. The announcement noted that the extra time will provide for “additional development and in-game balancing to ensure the best possible experience for gamers.”


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Persona 5 trailer highlights the Velvet Room’s Caroline and Justine

The Velvet Room’s Twin Wardens, Caroline and Justine, are spotlighted in a new trailer for Persona 5. Unlike previous entries, the player isn’t welcome in the strange room but instead will find themselves to be a prisoner. Reforming has its rewards, though, as completing prison work will gain them access to advanced features. Initially, they are limited to registering their personas and basic fusion, but after putting in some time, they will be able to try their hand at advanced and network fusion as well as options for strengthening and training. Atlus has also collected the downloadable content that they’ve announced through social media onto a new area on the official site, here, which currently features several costume and music packs (Devil Summoner!).


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Reclaim Earth for humanity in Nier: Automata, now available for PS4

Battle androids 2B, 9S and A2 are reporting in with the release of Nier: Automata for PS4. Co-developed with PlatinumGames, the latest entry finds androids battling machines that have overrun the planet in order to secure it for the remaining humans. A launch trailer, below, offers an overview, but for a lengthy look at the game, check out Exploring Earth’s Distant Future – 30 Minutes of Uninterrupted Gameplay. To celebrate the release, Square Enix has released two free PS4 themes showing off the main characters in their flight suits. Check them out on the PS Store here and here.


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Forza Horizon 3 – Duracell Car Pack, free ride going live tomorrow

Forza Horizon 3 is getting seven additional rides tomorrow in the Duracell Car Pack. The final Car Pass download will add the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, 2015 Jaguar XES, 1992 Ford Falcon GT, 1983 Volvo 242 Turbo Evolution, 1995 Nissan Nismo GT-R LM, 1959 BMW 507, and 1972 Land Rover Series III. There’s also a bonus: the Duracell-themed 2016 GTA Spano. The freebie is available for all players, and can be downloaded from the Xbox Store under “Forza Horizon 3 GTA Spano.” Details for all of the vehicles can be found below.


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CI Games pushing Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 back to late April

CI Games has announced that they have delayed their open-world action title Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. Gamers don’t have to wait much longer, though, as the new date is only three weeks later, April 25. According to the release, the additional time will be used to implement feedback received during the last beta. Currently, the game features weapon customization, vehicles, dynamic weather, and a day-and-night cycle.


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