New Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer released for E3

Call of Duty XP (PC, PS4, Xbox One) E3 Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Activision has released the gameplay footage from the PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that was debuted during Sony’s conference. In the video, protagonist Reyes and his squad break into and destroy an enemy SetDef destroyer. Setting out from the UNSA Retribution, team SCAR gets into a series of dogfights while piloting Jackals before closing in to breach the hull amidst small arms fire.


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Nier: Automata to launch in early 2017, gets new E3 trailer

Nier Automata (PS4) E3 Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

During E3, Square Enix released a new trailer for Nier: Automata alongside news that it will be launching in early 2017. Currently in co-development with Platinum Games, Automata will take place in the far future after alien ‘machine lifeforms’ have overrun the world, forcing mankind to escape to the moon. Players will follow the androids 2B, 9S, and A2 in their quest to destroy the machines. 2B is the main character, a sword-wielding battle droid built for the infantry squad YoRHa that is backed by a Pod support system for long-range combat. (Aside: *Squeeeeeee* Nier!)


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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice screenshots released

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney -Spirit of Justice (3DS) E3 Demo Announcement - Screenshot 1

Capcom has debuted Phoenix Wright’s latest case, Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, at E3 in a new playable demo. Attendees can try the game for themselves at Capcom’s booth (South Hall, #2023). For everyone else, a new batch of screenshots has been released from the trial of the, er, trial. Capcom-Unity will be livestreaming the game today at 4:00 p.m. (CST) and tomorrow at 1 p.m. (CST) with members of the development team at their Twitch channel.



E3 2016 – Sony: Last Guardian, God of War, Resident Evil 7 biohazard

E3 2016 (Sony) Resident Evil 7 Biohazard - Screenshot 1

New trailers, screens for The Last Guardian, God of War, Resident Evil 7 biohazard, and Detroit Become Human? Check, all the way down. Plus footage from a slew of other titles, including Spider-Man, Hawken, Anima: Gate of Memories, Horizon Zero Dawn, and 7 Days to Die. Not too much on the PS Vita, unfortunately. On the flip side, more was revealed about PS VR. The virtual reality headset is dated for October 13 and will retail for $399.99. Enjoy!


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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game announced for console, PC

Gwent the Witcher Card Game (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Announcement - Screenshot 1

CD Projekt Red knows a good thing when they have one, and that’s why they are currently working on a standalone version of Gwent. The card game found popularity within the taverns of The Witcher 3, and now console and PC gamers are getting Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Players can currently register for a beta set to go live this September. The standalone version will feature five factions (Nilfgaardian Empire, Skellige, Monsters, Northern Realms, and Scoia’tael), card crafting and collecting, friendly matches, ranked matches, and a story campaign.


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E3 2016 – Microsoft: Xbox One 2, Scorpio, Forza Horizon, Dead Rising

E3 2016 (MS) Xbox One S - System 1

Microsoft had plenty to show at their conference, including gameplay reveals of Rare’s Pirate-themed multiplayer-entric Sea of Thieves and the co-op-friendly Forza Horizon 3. Other trailers posted below include announcement videos for Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, and We Happy Few, plus more from Scalebound, ReCore, and others. Phantom Dust is still a go, too (woo!). Play Anywhere was prominent, which further integrates Xbox One and Windows 10 by offering cross-buy support and same-day release for MS-published titles. The biggest reveals were the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. The Xbox One S will be 40 percent smaller, come in white, have an internal power supply, support 4K Ultra HD for Blu-rays and streaming content, support High Dynamic Range (HDR) for games, and come with an updated controller. Kinect adapters will be required, but they will be free from Microsoft. The systems will roll out August 2016 for $299 (500 GB), $349 (1 TB), and $399 (limited launch edition 2 TB). Project Scorpio will be arriving holiday 2017, and is being described as “the most powerful console ever created” with support for 4K gaming and VR thanks to its “6 teraflops of GPU.” All Xbox One games will work on all Xbox One systems.


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Tekken 7 launching early ’17 for console, PC, TTT2 free for Live Gold

Tekken 7 (PC, Xbox One) E3 Announcement - Header

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Tekken 7. The video coincides with the news that the game will be released in early 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Currently in development under franchise director Katsuhiro Harada, the home port will feature several additions over the arcade version, including Story Mode, which will host seven new characters alongside Street Fighter’s Akuma. The storyline will follow the struggle between members of the Mishima clan. To celebrate the announcement, and so players can take advantage of its recent addition to the list of Backward Compatible titles, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be free for a limited time for Xbox Live Gold members, starting today at 1 p.m. (CST) until June 21 at 5:00 a.m. (CST).


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(Xbox One Review) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine

(Xbox One Review) The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine

“… is as good a send-off to one of this generation’s best role-playing games as players could have hoped for.”


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E3 2016: Bethesda – Doom, Fallout, Prey, Quake, Skyrim

E3 2016 (Bethesda) Prey Announcement - Screenshot 1

Bethesda had several titles on show, a few of which feature the return of several properties that have been absent for a few years, including Prey and Quake. Doom will be receiving free content, Fallout 4 three new downloadable packs, and Fallout Shelter a PC release as well as quests in a new update. Dishonored 2 got a new trailer, screens, and details about its Limited Edition. One of their bigger reveals was Skyrim Special Edition for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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E3 2016 – Electronic Arts: Battlefield, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Titanfall

Star Wars Battlefront (PC, PS4, Xbox One) E3 Announcement - E3 Header

Electronic Arts held their pre-E3 E3 showcase earlier today. Below are several highlighted titles, including Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, with new trailers and screenshots. A Star Wars overview video also provides a quick look at several unnamed projects. For those wanting to check out the entire presentation, the studio has put up a stream of the event in its entirety, which clocks in at over four hours long.


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