Divinity: Original Sin updated to beta, gets new areas, skills, more

With today’s update, Divinity: Original Sin has officially progressed from alpha to beta. The download adds 28 talents, 60-plus skills, a witchcraft skill tree, a revamped character-creation setup, new sound effects and music, more interactive objects, improved AI, explorable areas, and a host of bug fixes. Larian notes that there are over 400 improvements in total, many of which can be seen in the new ‘Beta Announcement’ trailer.


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Tropico 5 release dates announced, hitting PC first in May

Tropico 5 (360, PC, PS4) Release Dates Announcement - Screenshot 1

El Presidente will be bestowing his despotic talents on the peoples (and players) of Tropico 5 when it releases for PC on May 23. The Mac and Xbox 360 versions will be available this summer, and the PS4 version will launch afterwards this fall. A new website has also gone live to offer interested tyrants a better look at the game, and the Ministry of Propaganda also sent along some new screenshots for the further glorification of the island nation and to fully display its undeniable might.


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Rockstar outlines plans for GTA Online, content updates detailed

Grand Theft Auto V (360, PS3) Spring Update Announcement - Screenshot 1

Rockstar has detailed their future plans for Grand Theft Auto Online. Several updates are in the works, with the first due to launch next week. The first download will include Capture Creator for customizing Capture Jobs to record more movie-like scenarios, some of which will receive a stamp as Rockstar Verified. Other additions will include co-op Heists with other Crew members and mercenaries as well as the High Life Update. High Life will be packed with new jobs, the Bullpup Rifle, the Dinka Thrust motorcycle, Mental State player stat to show the mindset of nearby players, jobs, wardrobe items, and luxury apartments, along with the ability to own two properties at the same time.


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Natural Doctrine coming to North America for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita

Natural Doctrine (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) NA Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS has added a new strategy role-playing game to their 2014 line-up, Natural Doctrine. The Kadokawa Game Studio-developed release will send players into the caves and ruins near the fortress city of Feste to battle a new evil while collecting a valuable material known as Pluton. Physical and digital releases are planned for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita with dual voice tracks and support for both cross-play and cross-save.


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Chaos: Reborn Kickstarter campaign passes $100K at halfway mark

Chaos Reborn (PC) Kickstarter Update announcement - Screenshot 1

As Julian Gollop’s Kickstarter campaign for Chaos: Reborn, a reboot of his 1985 turn-based strategy game Chaos, passes the halfway mark, it’s been announced that over $100,000 has been raised so far. As designer of Laser Squad and co-designer of X-Com, Gollop is looking to return to the genre after a stint on the Assassin’s Creed series with a now-fantasy-themed version of his turn-based hit. Planned features include versus and co-op play, procedurally generated realms, and a grand campaign. Strategy fans can find out more at the campaign page


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New localized screenshots released from Mugen Souls Z

Mugen Souls Z (PS3) March Media Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS has released the second batch of English screenshots from their upcoming RPG Mugen Souls Z. The latest entry, developed by Compile Heart and GCrest, follows the goddess Syrma in a quest alongside Chou-Chou and her friends to destroy an ancient evil. Z will add new G-Castle battles, team abilities, and galactic attacks.


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Shadowrun Online now available on Steam Early Access

Shadowrun Online (PC) Steam Early Access Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Shadowrun Online has launched on Steam Early Access with a prequel storyline to the final version’s main campaign. The turn-based MMO is set in a dystopian future, where gangs and Megacorp mercenaries roam the streets of Boston. Gamers will be able to try out the class-free character-creation system as they take their tech-savvy magician, gun-crazy pyro, or other bizarre hybrid Shadowrunner on four missions and against others in player-versus-player combat. Content will be added as development progresses, and players who take part during the Early Access period will have their feedback taken into consideration when features are added or tweaked.


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Age of Wonders III sets out on campaign, now on GOG and Steam

Age of Wonders 3 (PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 4

The Age of Wonders series has been dormant for over a decade, but it returns today with the release of Age of Wonders 3 on GOG and Steam. The Triumph Studios-developed turn-based strategy title features online play with versus modes and scenarios, two playable factions, new leader classes (e.g., warlord, rogue, theocrat), a new tactical combat system, and an increased focus on unit specialization. Leaders will have to undertake quests, set up economies, negotiate with neighboring factions, and of course, crush enemy armies.


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Alien: Isolation *beep … beep-beep* tracked for October release

Aliens Isolation (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Announcement - Screenshot 6

Over the weekend, Sega announced that Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation will be launching online and in stores on October 7. The survival-horror adventure title is taking a less action-oriented approach in comparison to its shooter predecessors, and will instead focus on the sense of paranoia and fear felt by the crew in the original film.


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Company of Heroes 2 heads back west in The Western Front Armies

Company of Heroes 2 (PC) The Western Front Armies DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Fire up the grill and break out the apple pie: we’re coming. This June, Relic will be offering the chance to play as the US Forces and the German Oberkommando West in a new standalone multiplayer expansion for Company of Heroes 2, The Western Front Armies. Gamers will be able to download the pack as a bundle for $19.99 or per army for $12.99 each. Each side will have unique tactical options as well as new infantry, vehicles, abilities, upgrades, and team weapons, while players will advance through a new progression system. Eight seasonal maps set on the Western Front will also be added. All 31 maps will be accessible to all players, even if they only own the expansion.


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