[Why was this site started?]
[Can I get free games?]
[How do I join the staff?]
[Why are screenshots different sizes?]
[When will you review “X” ?]
[The score for “X” was not an average, why not?]
[What is your scoring system?]

Why was this site started?
We started The Entertainment Depot to introduce a new way for gamers to receive information and news about the latest in the gaming industry. We hope to bring every gamer a bit closer to the industry which they–and we–support and love.


Can I get free games?
Sorry, we do not give out free games. We do, however, hold contests that will, on occasion, involve games being given away. These contests will be posted on our main page.

How do I join the staff?
We will post open positions, when they become available, on the main page.


Why are screenshots different sizes?
The screenshots vary due to who is reviewing the title, their equipment, and what works well for the situation. If the games has a certain contrast that becomes blurry at a higher size, then we will keep it lower so the reader will see what the player will see. If a title becomes too difficult to capture or too time consuming (ie. Virtua Fighter 2), we will opt to use public domain shots.

When will you review “X” ?
We will review titles when they become available to us. While we may not review all new titles promptly, this is due to the extensive play-testing we give a game when the title is sent to us for review.

The score for “X” was not an average, why not?
*** This is in regards to our old scoring system. We switched to a single-score overall around 2002. *** When we rated games by giving individual scores per category, the “overall” was a basic numerical summation of our thoughts on the title. The average of the other scores were used when coming up with the “overall,” but they are not used as final average score.

What is your scoring system?
We’ve recently changed our scoring system. While a small change, it will change the perception of a game’s “overall” with this update to a numerical score’s description. Our scores go as follows:

10 = Classic
9 = Must Buy
8 = Excellent
7 = Good
6 = Fair
5 = Average
4 = Below Average
3 = Poor
2 = Terrible
1 = Ugh

We review a game based on our enjoyment and if it is worth the MSRP. While we recognize that aesthetics are important, we do focus much more on a game’s design, how successful (or not) are its mechanics, and most importantly, if we enjoy ourselves. The scores are subjective; our criteria is only that we have fun with the title. If a title is of excellent quality, but it does not capture that reviewer’s interest, it will be noted as such. Our philosophy of review is not rigid; we are simply here to entertain and inform, which has served us well for many years.

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