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Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga now on PSN

Atlus has been increasing their PSN presence lately with a handful of their older titles being released on the service as PS2 Classics. Today, Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga joins fellow franchise entries and recent additions Persona 4, SMT: Nocturne, and SMT: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army. Digital Devil Saga is based on the world of Nocturne, and introduces a shapeshifting ability that allows players to turn into demons as they battle for control of a wasteland known as The Junkyard.


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Mega Man turns 25 with new music, MM25 and For Everlasting Peace

Two new tribute albums have been released for Mega Man’s big 25, Sumthing Else Music Works’ MM25: Mega Man Rocks and OverClocked ReMix’s For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man. MM25 is a compilation of new tracks from The Protomen, who provide a new song, Bit Brigade, Mega Ran, The Megas, Arm Cannon, and X-Hunters that sample or are inspired by tunes from the Mega Man and Mega Man X series. For Everlasting Peace features fully licensed arrangements from several entries, including Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Zero.


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Square Enix celebrating Final Fantasy XI’s 11 years with free gifts

Final Fantasy XI turned 11 earlier this summer, and Square Enix is celebrating with six gifts, including three free expansions. The three add-ons are being offered for free for a limited time, from August 8 to October 11: Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abyssea, and Heroes of Abyssea. The Abyssea trilogy requires that players have the Rise of the Zilart and Wings of the Goddess expansions installed and registered, as well as one level-30 job. The other five gifts, detailed below, include free cruor, 11 of the most popular atma, and an increase in initial Traverser stone stocks.


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Manhunt just made things messy on PSN, joins PS2 Classics line

A blast from the past has hit PSN today with the launch of Rockstar North’s Manhunt. Available on the PS Store as a PS2 Classics, the 2003 action title follows former death row inmate James Earl Cash as he battles his way through a new reality TV show where humans are hunted for sport. After awakening from his lethal injection, Cash finds himself at the mercy of the show’s director, Lionel Starkweather, and stalked by insane contestants. So insane, in fact, that Manhunt sparked a bit of controversy in its day.


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Sony reveals PlayStation 4 details at PlayStation Meeting 2013

Sony revealed initial details about the PlayStation 4 today at the two-hour-plus PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York. While the final hardware build wasn’t shown and price not announced, the technical specifications and upcoming software features were. The upcoming cycle of Sony’s flagship console will focus on server-side, cloud-based streaming, social media integration, and greater connectivity with mobiles, in particular the PS Vita.


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Sony announces PlayStation lineup holiday sales figures

Rayman Origins (Vita) Vita Announcement - Header

Sony has released a slew of holiday sales figures for the PlayStation family, including the Vita’s initial numbers after its recent launch in Japan. All told, the PS2, PS3, PS Portable, and PS Vita sold over 6.5 million units during the 2011 holiday season.


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Rockstar wraps up Grand Theft Auto III retrospective Q&A

Grand Theft Auto III (iOS PS2 Xbox) Tenth Anniversary QA - Header

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Rockstar has posted a retrospective on their seminal open-world action title Grand Theft Auto III. The latest set of answers rounds out the two-part series with topics covering the impact of September 11 on production and the origins of the Dodo airplane.


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 gets a price reduction

GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Soccer fans that have been holding out on Konami’s latest Pro Evolution Soccer have just scored themselves a deal. The company has announced that the price on PES 2011 has been lowered to $29.99 for the 360 and PS3 version and $19.99 for the PS2 version. Wii and 3DS gamers have the priciest version, which sits at a respectable $39.99.


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PlayStation 2 surpasses 150 million units, nods, keeps on going

Today marks a new milestone for the PlayStation 2: Sony has announced that the system’s worldwide cumulative sales have reached 150 million units, as of January 31.


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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 now a Greatest Hit, Player’s Choice title

Been itching to try WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 but haven’t had the scratch? Your persistence has paid off, as THQ has announced that Raw 2010 has achieved Greatest Hits status for the PS3, PS2, and PSP, as well as …


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