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Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Mask of Truth coming stateside

Two of Aquaplus’ visual novel and strategy role-playing game hybrids, Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, will be arriving in North America later this year. The former is set to be released this spring, while the latter is scheduled to hit outlets later in the year. Mask of Deception follows the amnesiac Haku who is rescued by a young, beastlike girl, Kuon. The duo quickly find themselves battling enemies and making allies as they get caught up in struggles taking place throughout the nation of Yamato. Mask of Deception serves as the conclusion to Mask of Truth, and is said to be over 50 hours long.


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Tokyo Xanadu coming to PS Vita, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ to PC, PS4

Aksys is teaming up with Falcom to release Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita and Tokyo Xanadu eX+ for PC and PS4. The action-heavy role-playing game is scheduled to launch in two waves, with Tokyo Xanadu releasing first this summer and the enhanced Tokyo Xanadu eX+ following in the fall. The four-plus-hour campaign is set in a Tokyo that is slowly recovering from a massive earthquake that struck a decade earlier. The disaster was caused by a shadow world called Eclipse, and players must destroy that realm’s hordes of monsters before they take over the city. Along the way, they will build relationships, train, and try their hands at mini-games. The eX+ version adds new post-story scenarios, playable character (White Shroud knight), modes (Boss Rush and Time Attack), dungeons, monsters, and bosses.


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A Rose in the Twilight scheduled to launch in April for PC, PS Vita

NIS has revealed that their upcoming puzzle-platformer title from htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary developer Masayuki Furuya, A Rose in the Twilight, will be released this April. PC and PS Vita owners will be able to snag the title on April 11 as a standard edition and as a limited edition, the latter being exclusive to NIS’ online store. Four new screens were also posted below that show more of Rose and her giant companion’s quest to escape a mysterious castle.


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Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours – Eighting DLC to launch on Jan. 18

Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours’ fifth downloadable bundle, based off of several of Eighting’s titles, is slated to launch on January 18. The three included packs feature a new ship, three stages, and new music each, with designs from Battle Garegga, Mahoudaisakusen, and Soukyuugurentai (Terra Diver). Ten arranged stages are also bundled, along with three boss fights and 10 stages for CS mode in CS Pack 3. The packs can be purchased individually for $4.99 or as a bundle for $11.97. Note that DLC ships can only be used in DLC levels.


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Sega bringing Valkyria Revolution over for PS4, Xbox One

The Valkyria series is continuing stateside next year with the release of Valkyria Revolution for PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One. Released in Japan as Valkyria: Azure Revolution, North American players will be able to purchase the game digitally and physically for PS4 and Xbox One as well as digitally for PS Vita. Neither strictly a sequel or a spin-off, Revolution is set in an alternate timeline from the main series, now based on Europe’s industrial revolution rather than WWII, and replaces the turn-based combat system with a hybrid setup. Combat is in real time, but players will also engage in tactical strategy across multiple battlefields. The story follows five vengeful friends, the Circle of Five, who use their influence to push an isolated nation to fight against imperialist neighbors. As the game plays out, the group will come to be viewed as brave liberators or traitorous murderers. One of the remaining Valkyrur, Brunhilde, is a wild card in the struggle.


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Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours – Cave DLC detailed, dated for Dec. 14

Degica has announced that Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours’ third downloadable pack is set to launch on December 14. The set will consist of three packs featuring different properties from famed shooter developer Cave. Each pack will include a new ship, three stages, and new music from Deathsmiles, DoDonPachi Resurrection, and ketsui. Also included are 10 newly arranged stages, three boss fights, and CS Pack 3, which includes 10 stages from CS mode. The packs can be purchased individually for $4.99 or as a bundle for $11.97. Note that DLC ships can only be used in DLC levels.


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PSX 2016: DotEmu – Wonder Boy, Windjammers, and Ys Origin

DotEmu is embracing the past for their upcoming releases. First up is Lizardcube’s upcoming Wonder Boy title, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, which received its second developer diary. The video highlights the re-imagined soundtrack from the Wonder Boy III remake. They also announced two new PS4 and PS Vita titles for early 2017: Ys Origin and Windjammers. Ys Origins will release on February 21, offering players a chance to play the prequel on console, taking place 700 years before Ys I: Ancient Ys Vanished. Some new, undetailed features are also being included, with the title itself being ported by DotEmu. The Neo Geo classic Windjammers is also returning. The futuristic sports title pits two players against one another as they attempt to fling a disc into their opponent’s net by using powers and ricochet shots. It will support five game modes, including online versus (do I hear an angelic choir?), along with leaderboards and trophies.


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God Wars Future Past official site updated, story trailer released

NIS has released a story trailer for their upcoming tactical role-playing game God Wars Future Past. The official site has also been updated with information about the battle system and a handful of the characters. The game follows the origins of Japan as told through folklore, with Fuji, Izumo, and Hyuga battling for control of the country, known as Mizuho. As the recently imprisoned Princess Kaguya, players must learn the truth about their past, along the way gaining access to 14 customizable characters, over 30 classes, and 400-plus skills.


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Aksys to bring Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ stateside in 2017

Idea Factory’s visual novel Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~ will be coming to North America next spring for PS Vita. Aksys Games has taken on publishing duties, and is currently localizing the title. After the disappearance of their brother, players begin their search for clues by joining an online role-playing game called Arcadia. Players quickly find themselves caught in the virtual world with their only hope of escape being to beat the game. The 30-plus-hour story will feature branching paths that lead to multiple endings.


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Zen Studios to add Bethesda pack with Doom, Fallout, Skyrim tables

Zen Studios is teaming up with Bethesda to bring Doom, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to their various pinball platforms. Each series will get its own table next month. Doom Pinball will have players fight their way through hordes of demons in a UAC facility. Fallout Pinball will be set in the wastes and feature Factions to join, Vaults to raid, and Bobbleheads to collect. Lastly, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Pinball is set to have craftable weapons, magic, armor, loot to buy and sell, materials to mine, trainers, and side quests. All of them will have leaderboards, score tracking, and additional social features.


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