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Halo Wars 2 demo released for Xbox One, PC demo coming soon

Microsoft has released a demo for the recently launched Halo Wars 2. Gamers can currently download it for Xbox One, while the PC version should be along shortly. The trial includes the first mission, The Signal, along with access to Blitz Firefight against an AI opponent. The latter comes with a pre-built deck of cards from Captain Cutter or Atriox. The Xbox One version requires a Live Gold account.


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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap time travels with Retro feature

Lizardcube has announced a new Retro feature in Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. The remake is going to allow players to switch from high definition to 8-bit graphics on the fly, between the original and updated soundtracks, and any combination of the two. Even more accommodating is password support. Players who have a password from the 1989 original can continue their progress in the remake.


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Keep your eye on that banana! Prey Mimic Madness trailer released

New gameplay footage has gone live for Prey. The video, titled Mimic Madness, demonstrates how players can use the Mimic’s power during combat. It’s one of the first alien powers that players will learn, allowing them to take advantage of their ability to transform into a variety of objects, including a banana, lamp, mug, and security turret.


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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer free this weekend via Steam

Activision has kicked off a free weekend for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode. Currently, PC gamers can download the component for free off of Steam and play as much as they want through Sunday, February 26. There are no restrictions on play, and all of the progress can be carried over to the full version. Additional details can be found on Activision’s official blog.


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Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind showcased in new gameplay trailer

Bethesda has released a first look at the Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. The gameplay video introduces players to a new storyline that will see them returning to the fan-favorite realm to prevent the end of the world. The trailer, along with some new screenshots, show off the reimagined Vvardenfell Island along with some of the new armor, enemies, and weapons.


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Igor and the Velvet Room return in new Persona 5 trailer, screenshots

Igor is returning with two helpers, Caroline and Justine, in a revamped Velvet Room. Persona 5’s protagonist finds himself back into the strange area whenever he falls to sleep. That means that players will be able to upgrade, create items from, or fuse their collected personas. The latter is comprised of a basic ability that creates a new persona by fusing two together and a more advanced technique that requires three or more. Personas can also be created through network fusion, which will combine the player’s with a random one grabbed from another online player. Unfortunately, fusing requires punishing the personas through hanging, imprisoning, and electrifying them. It’s not for nothing, though, as the punishments enhance them in different ways. Check the trailer out below.


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Styx’s personality, design explored in new Shards of Darkness trailer

The sticky-fingered goblin behind Shards of Darkness is given his time in the limelight with a new Sytx-centric trailer. Cyanide details how the studio “envisioned and gave life, personality, and soul” to the mischievous thief. The video also touches on the game’s humor, with Styx breaking the fourth wall, and how the mechanics are capable of adapting to the player’s style.


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The fight continues, Halo Wars 2 out for PC, Xbox One

Players are returning to the battlefield today twenty-eight years after the original Halo Wars. The real-time strategy game will find a crew awakening from cryosleep to answer a distress call that leads to a new round of warfare. Virtual commanders will find a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer that sports several modes, including Deathmatch and Stronghold. 343 Industries’ head of strategy games, Dan Ayoub, has released a final letter to thank fans and to give several others at the studio a chance to share their thoughts at launch. It’s posted below in its entirety.


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Console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online get Homestead update

The console version of The Elder Scrolls Online has been updated with the latest Homestead update. PS4 and Xbox One owners can now buy apartments, homes, manors, and an island with the free download. There are nearly 40 instanced homes to choose from that are styled after the 10 playable races. An initial home can be acquired for free by completing a tutorial quest, while the rest can be purchased with in-game Gold and through the Crown Store. Abodes are shared between all of the player’s characters, and they can be adorned with up to 2,000 items.


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Arsenal of Elegant Destruction highlights Nier: Automata’s combat

Nier: Automata’s combat system is highlighted in a new gameplay trailer. With the game nearing its release date, Square Enix is showing off the weapon-based combat system in a new video from co-developer PlatinumGames, Arsenal of Elegant Destruction. Included is a demonstration of the game’s combo-extension mechanic that allows players to alternate between four weapon types on the fly, including bracers, spears, and swords.


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