Companies wishing to contact us regarding coverage or promotions can email their inquiries to press[at], and advertising inquiries can be directed to sales[at]

Free advertising is available for most companies. If you are a small development team and wish to advertise your product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We like default ads about as much as everyone else (re: we don’t).

Also, companies may reserve space(s) for a fee. By paying, you are ‘locking in’ an ad space so that a company using the free option can’t use it.

Our rates are low because we get enough to sustain our presence, and maybe buy a burrito.

Currently, we’ve hosted ads for: Digital Eel,, Shrapnel Games, Majorem, Strategy First, iGames, S2, Matrix Games, and Astonia. Others are pending. Won’t you help us pay our bills?

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