Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap soundtrack out, dated for Linux, Mac

Linux and Mac gamers will be able to try their hands at Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap soon, when it goes live next week on July 18. DotEmu, the game’s publisher, also announced that they have released the game’s soundtrack on Bandcamp and Steam. PS Store should at it shortly, too. The $4.99 download ($3.99 when bundled with the game) features 89 tracks, of which 33 are main tracks featuring live musicians and 56 are bonuses comprising alternative versions and rejected material. A Collector edition is also set to launch alongside a Classic version. Collectors will receive the game, the soundtrack, 10 collectible cards, a 24-page retro-style manual, a poster, and reversible cover with the original artwork.

For more information, check out our review of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap for PS4.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is available for NS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Official Site: TheDragonsTrap.com

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