Learn how to eXploit in new trailer for Endless Space 2

Amplitude continues their 4X video series for Endless Space 2 with the third entry, focusing on exploitation. This element sits on the administrative side. Players must maintain their population’s happiness, productivity, and stability while holding onto power. If they push too hard, or pass too many unpopular laws, the people might rise up, causing the society to descend into anarchy. But if they are too lax, the faction will fall behind technologically and economically.

Endless Space 2 is available through Steam Early Access for $29.99 (standard edition) and $37.49 (digital deluxe edition), and the full version will go live on May 19.

Official Site(s): Amplitude-Studios.com – Endless Space 2 & SteamPowered.com – Endless Space 2

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