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Warren clocks in with the release of The Surge out for console, PC

Deck13’s gritty action role-playing game The Surge has been released in stores and online. As CREO’s latest new hire, the everyman Warren, players find themselves in a world where robots have gone crazy. Donning an exosuit, Warren can go for all-in attacks or target specific limbs with the chance of a clean cut providing a new piece of kit to attach to his suit. Gear can also be crafted from salvaged parts, allowing for those less precise (or skilled) to still enhance get some swanky upgrades.


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First-run copy of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception gets unboxed

Atlus is set to release their visual-novel-styled strategy role-playing game Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception next week, but first they want to show off the goods. Their latest unboxing video highlights the launch edition, which, as has become common with their releases, comes with several extras. In addition to the game, early buyers will also receive a 50-page art book with character and faction info along with a slipcase for the bundle.


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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope announced for PC, PS4, Switch

Natsume and Rising Star Games are teaming up for a new Harvest Moon, Light of Hope. Instead of minding a small farm, players will find themselves shipwrecked en route to a new home, stuck in a village that’s been ravaged by the same storm. Determined to help the townsfolk, players set out to rebuild the damaged buildings as well as save their lighthouse. There will still be plenty of farming, with crops and livestock to tend, but also resource hunting to repair buildings, neighbors to befriend, and eventually, romantic interests to woo. Light of Hope also marks the series debut for PC and—less surprisingly—Switch. E3 attendees will be able to try it out in South Hall, Booth 2047.


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Seasons after Fall leaps its way onto PS4 and Xbox One

After launching last September for PC, puzzle-adventure hybrid Seasons after Fall is now available for PS4 and Xbox One. Swing Swing Submarine’s latest puts players in the paws of a magical wild fox that can change the seasons to work its way around hazards and solve environmental puzzles. If players find themselves stuck near a chasm, they can summon fall to bring rain that can then be frozen during winter to create a bridge.


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