Endless Space 2 video series moves into week two with eXpansion

Amplitude has released the second in their 4X video series. After covering exploration last week, today, the studio is tackling the expansion elements found in Endless Space 2. The video follows the factions as they grow from small, struggling colonies to galactic empires. After finding habitable worlds, players must send out ships to colonize their new holdings, establish economic links to make them profitable, and secure them with warships. Of course, our description isn’t quite the same as seeing it in action.

Endless Space 2 is available through Steam Early Access for $29.99 (standard edition) and $37.49 (digital deluxe edition), and the full version will go live on May 19.

Official Site(s): Amplitude-Studios.com – Endless Space 2 & SteamPowered.com – Endless Space 2

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