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Launch trailer kicks off upcoming release of The Surge

A week out from release, and Deck13 has a new launch trailer prepped and ready to go for The Surge. Players get another look at Warren, an unfortunate new hire at the megacorporation CREO who finds himself fighting for survival against killer robots. The upside is that those same robots can be repurposed to his benefit, as their severed limbs serve as upgrades to his exosuit.


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Endless Space 2 video series moves into week two with eXpansion

Amplitude has released the second in their 4X video series. After covering exploration last week, today, the studio is tackling the expansion elements found in Endless Space 2. The video follows the factions as they grow from small, struggling colonies to galactic empires. After finding habitable worlds, players must send out ships to colonize their new holdings, establish economic links to make them profitable, and secure them with warships. Of course, our description isn’t quite the same as seeing it in action.


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(PlayStation 4 Review) Prey

“… a stunning experience that lingers in one’s thoughts much as it will surely linger on “best of” lists in six months’ time.”


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