Cursed Castilla EX goes physical with Limited Edition for PS4

Locomalito’s action-heavy platformer Cursed Castilla EX, also known as Maldita Castilla EX, will be getting a limited physical release. Publisher Abylight Studios has teamed up with Eastasiasoft Limited to produce 3,000 copies of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins-esque adventure for the PlayStation 4. Scheduled to launch next month, the hard copy, titled Cursed Castilla EX Limited Edition, will cost $29.99 and be exclusive to The bundle will come with the game, a 70-minute-long soundtrack CD, a numbered certificate, and a collector’s box. Pre-orders require submitting an email to mark interest in a copy.

Cursed Castilla/Maldita Castilla EX is available digitally for Xbox One and is in development for PS4. Cursed Castilla/Maldita Castilla is available digitally for PC.

Official Site(s): – Maldita Castilla EX / Cursed Castilla EX

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