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Atlus announces, details The Caligula Effect – Digital Deluxe Bundle

Atlus has revealed a Deluxe Bundle for their upcoming role-playing game The Caligula Effect. The $39.99 set comes with the game, co-developed by FuRyu and Aquria, along with several digital extras that include 19 avatars, a swimsuit costume pack, and a theme featuring myoo and other characters. As a group of students at Kishimai High School, players must battle a virtual idol and its Digihead minions to break free of a virtual reality world known as Mobius.


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Endless Space 2 leaving Early Access on May 19, original on sale

Amplitude Studios’ sci-fi-themed 4X title Endless Space 2 will be leaving Early Access on May 19. The sequel features eight factions, each with their own storyline and ship types, along with support for solo and multiplayer. To celebrate its impending release, the studio has lowered the price of the original Endless Space to $1 on Steam. From today through next Monday, players will not only receive the base game but also the downloadable expansion Disharmony. After the period, the only way to purchase the original will be as the Endless Space Collection for $19.99.


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