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Dragon Quest Heroes II demo now live on PSN for PS4

Players can get an early start in restoring peace to the Seven Realms today with the release of a demo for Dragon Quest Heroes II. The trial allows players to try four of the 15 playable characters in unique quests that require them to defend Greena Pastures from an invading army of monsters and a giant boss. To grab the demo, head to the PlayStation Store.


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The Phantom Thieves are on the loose! Persona 5 out for PS3, PS4

Years of waiting (impatiently) have (finally) come to an end with the release of Persona 5. Atlus’ latest finds a group of students at Tokyo’s Shujin Academy joining together to expose the corruption around them. To do this, they must join forces as the Phantom Thieves and travel to the Metaverse to battle shadows, solve puzzles, negotiate with Personas, and change the hearts of the wicked. They can’t blow their cover, though, and must continue to go about their everyday lives. Don’t be late for class!


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Grab your guns, nades, and eggs, Easter is coming to Gears of War 4

he Coalition is getting festive with the April update for Gears of War 4. On April 14, players will be able to access a new Easter-themed game mode, Bunny Hunt, that adds oversized Bunny Heads into a new variation of Guardian. Five Chocolate Easter Egg-themed weapon skins will also be on offer by registering at GearsofWar.com and completing challenges in a special playlist. April will also see two maps returning from Gears of War 3: Hotel and The Slab. Both are being revamped, with Hotel now located on a misty, overgrown cliffside, while The Slab has a two-lane opening splintered by a courtyard and a windflare roaring in the distance. Season Pass holders can actually play the maps today, while others will need to wait until April 11. Two Legacy Characters are also hitting this month, a surprise COG who can be found early in a Gears Pack and the Locust Kantus. Weapon tuning is also being introduced, including reduced range for the Gnasher and increased body damage with Lancers. Full details can be found on the Community Hub.


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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone gets 3rd Encore Pack

The concert continues with the 3rd Encore Pack for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone. As with the previous encores, the latest adds more goodies, tunes, and Extra Extreme Charts for Future Sound and Colorful Tone. Included are 21 accessories, 18 modules, eight charts, and four songs. The tracks featured are Piano × Forte × Scandal by Oster project, Hibikase by Giga and Reol, Amatsu Kitsune by marasy, and 1925 by T-Pocket Manipulated and Ordinal P. Full details can be found below, and as a heads up, there are a few Persona 5 tie-ins.


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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Continuum detailed, hitting PSN in April

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s second downloadable map pack, Continuum, will debut on PS4 on April 18. The drop will feature four multiplayer maps and a new zombies add-on, Shaolin Shuffle. The maps, detailed below, feature a spa resort set in an ancient creature’s skeleton, Turista; an abandoned junkyard on the Moon, Scrap; a post-futurist art gallery, Archive; and a remake of Modern Warfare 2’s Rust, set in a penthouse in a futuristic city, Excess. Shaolin Shuffle is set in a 1970s New York, and will feature the return of Paul Reubens as director Willard Wyler, alongside Pam Grier’s dojo master Shaolin Sister, as he traps four prisoners in a horror film: Seth Green’s Punk Rocker, Ike Barinholtz’s Sleazebag, Jay Pharoah’s Street Poet, and Sasheer Zamata’s Disco Chick. The pack will cost $15.00.


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