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Typhon Research Team looks at Prey’s alien invaders in new trailer

The aliens that have overrun Talos I are featured in a new trailer for Prey. The instructive video, titled Typhon Research, comes from the owners of the station, TranStar Corporation. The business opened their vaults to the Typhon Research Team’s work in order to help the sole survivor, Morgan Yu, save the station. Footage demonstrates the mimic’s ability to take the form of inanimate objects, the phantom’s power to summon and launch projectiles, and the telepath’s control over weaker organisms.


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Horizon Zero Dawn sales over 2.5 million in first two weeks

Sony has sent word that Guerrilla’s latest open-world action title of Horizon Zero Dawn has sold over 2.6 million units in stores and online. The title has been out for two weeks, allowing players to explore a ruin-filled world as the young hunter Aloy, which represents a departure for the studio, known for their first-person shooter series Killzone. The release also notes that it is “the best-selling new first party IP launch on the PS4 system to date” as well the developer’s highest debut.


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