Gears of War 4 gets maps, tweaks, Valentine’s event with update

Gears of War 4’s February update kicks off a week-long Valentine’s event today. The promotion adds new packs, maps (Impact Dark and War Machine), themed bounties, a Craftable Character, and additional improvements. The Torque Bow Tag also makes a return, but with a twist. Next month, players can look forward to a pre-game lobby setup for Core and Competitive playlists, weapon and playlist tuning based on feedback from fan surveys, and the first of “a steady flow” of Legacy Characters. This summer will also see some additions, including a new Inconceivable difficulty level for Campaign and Horde, IronMan Mode for Campaign and Horde, level 6 skills for all classes, more skills for all classes, and new achievements. Details on the two new maps and changes to Guardian can be found below.

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Gears of War 4 is available for PC and Xbox One.

• Impact Dark
After we released Gears of War 4, the multiplayer design team had the opportunity to look at our launch lineup of maps and wonder – how could we have made those maps play entirely different? Those discussions birthed a new type of map design that all begins with ‘Impact Dark’, a remixed version of Impact that completely re-imagines the combat dynamics of the original.

The new nighttime setting for Impact doesn’t just bring a new ambience. For the first time in Gears of War Versus, visibility is permanently reduced by smoke that has settled over the battlefield, forcing you closer to the action. Every weapon swap has been changed to alter the flow of the map – Snipers are now replaced with Boltoks, Dropshot replaces Torque/EMBAR and the Overkill now sits where Incendiaries used to.

The result is a new version of Impact that plays completely differently to its original brethren. The combination of close range weapon swaps and reduced visibility ups the pace for a more intense version of Impact, where players need to stay on their toes to win. Support players will need to take bigger risks to impact fights and reduced visibility will make reading the battlefield tougher for even the most competitive teams.

• War Machine
Loved by Gears of War veterans everywhere, the quintessential classic, War Machine, is back with a drastic new take on the setting. Moving away from the old abandoned train station locale, War Machine is now set in a new COG Settlement, standing out with its pristine appearance and gleaming grandiose features. Compared to the original, signs of life are everywhere – from the active DeeBee security bay, to the train sitting at the end of the platform ready to depart.

Despite this new setting, everything fans know and love about the map is still here – the frantic opening fight for the Sniper, the intense fight for Torque around the pillars and, of course, the ever-important turret to dominate enemies that stray too far into the open.

• Guardian Improvements
Speaking of Guardian, we’ve got new surprises in store for fans of the mode. Based on fan feedback, we’ve changed the spawning system from the original spawn swap solution to something entirely new – Leader Spawns. Now, you’ll respawn in a location close to your Leader adding a new tactical edge – Leaders now need to position themselves in beneficial areas of the map, while other players will have more opportunity to get back to their leader and come to their aid.

This new update to Guardian is perfectly suited to the intense low visibility combat of Impact Dark – try it out for yourself in the Developer Playlist this week.

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