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Gears of War 4 gets maps, tweaks, Valentine’s event with update

Gears of War 4’s February update kicks off a week-long Valentine’s event today. The promotion adds new packs, maps (Impact Dark and War Machine), themed bounties, a Craftable Character, and additional improvements. The Torque Bow Tag also makes a return, but with a twist. Next month, players can look forward to a pre-game lobby setup for Core and Competitive playlists, weapon and playlist tuning based on feedback from fan surveys, and the first of “a steady flow” of Legacy Characters. This summer will also see some additions, including a new Inconceivable difficulty level for Campaign and Horde, IronMan Mode for Campaign and Horde, level 6 skills for all classes, more skills for all classes, and new achievements. Details on the two new maps and changes to Guardian can be found below.


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