BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Fighting Commander released for PS3, PS4


Arc System Works’ latest BlazBlue entry, Central Fiction, has launched digitally and physically for PS3 and PS4. The 2D fighter features a new storyline that is packed with 33 characters, along with new levels, mechanics, and modes. Released alongside the game is a themed controller designed by Hori specifically for fighters, the Fighting Commander.

BlazBlue: Central Fiction is available digitally and physically for PS3 and PS4.

blazblue-central-fiction-pc-ps3-ps4-announcement-screenshot-4 blazblue-central-fiction-pc-ps3-ps4-announcement-screenshot-1 blazblue-central-fiction-pc-ps3-ps4-announcement-screenshot-2 blazblue-central-fiction-pc-ps3-ps4-announcement-screenshot-5-art-1

Official Site: – Central Fiction

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