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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved hits PSN for PS Vita

Sierra has released Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved for PS Vita. Even better, PS Plus members can grab the title for free as part of the July Instant Game Collection promotion. The twin-stick shooter from Lucid Games features the 50-challenge Adventure mode, 40-stage Ultimate mode, Hardcore mode (similar to the original Geometry Wars), and six-stage Classic mode, plus six upgradeable companion drones and six upgradeable abilities. Multiplayer is supported with online versus play, community leaderboards, and local co-op that utilizes both the front and rear touchscreens. Longtime fans will also want to note that Lucid Games was formed by senior developers from series creator Bizarre Creations.


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Breach & Clear: Deadline given deployment notice, launching July 21

Breach & Clear: Deadline has been given the all-clear to leave Steam Early Access and launch in full on July 21. The zombie-infest tactical top-down shooter, co-developed by Mighty Rabbit and Gun Media, tasks players with leading their squad through Harbor City in the midst of a zombie outbreak. As a result of feedback during Early Access, a new co-op mode has been developed and will be available in the final version.


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Gauntlet: Slayer Edition set to release this summer for PS4

Warner Bros. announced that they will be releasing a new version of last year’s reimagined Gauntlet later this summer for PS4. Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition brings the Elf, Warrior, Wizard, and Valkyrie back for more solo and co-op action. The console version will feature a new locale along with new abilities, enemies, and weapons. Pre-orders are also open today, and early buyers will receive item codes for Mordok’s Screaming Hammer and Reaper’s Visage Helm for the Warrior.


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